VALA2020 Conference Program

Conference Program

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0730 - 1830REGISTRATION - Concourse
0900 - 0930Welcome to Country: Parbin-ata Carolyn Briggs AM,
Senior Boon Wurrung Elder and Traditional Owner Boon Wurrung Foundation
Opening Address: Katie Haden and Linlin Zhao,
Co-Chairs, VALA2020 Organising Committee

Room: Goldfields Theatre
0930 - 1040   Plenary Session 1: Adam Moriarty, Auckland War Memorial Museum
 Open as a Rule, Closed by Exception
Room: Goldfields Theatre
#vala2020 #p1
1040 - 1120Morning Tea & Exhibition Viewing - Exhibition Hall
1125 - 1230
Concurrent Session 1
Room: Goldfields Theatre
Concurrent Session 2
Room: Eureka Room 1
Concurrent Session 3
Room: Eureka Room 3
Concurrent Session 4
Room: Courtyard 1 & 2
1125 - 1155The Biodiversity Heritage Library and the evolution of uber-discoverability
Nicole Kearney
Biodiversity Heritage Library Australia (Museums Victoria) #vala2020 #s1
Conversation-led Library Services: delivering the Library to our students in the age of digital Assistants
Danielle Johnson
    Deakin University
#vala2020 #s3
Really real and virtually real: celebrating the works of Bert Flugelman
Michael Organ,
Grant White

University of Wollongong
#vala2020 #s5

New values: supporting value-added data through the SCIS APIs
Ben Chadwick
Education Services Australia
#vala2020 #s7

1200 - 1230Who needs an archival management system anyway? New approaches to the description and discovery of archival collections
Serena Coates
State Library of Queensland #vala2020 #s2
Introducing NED: Hercules to the Hydra of electronic legal deposit systems
Barbara Lemon,
Elizabeth MacKenzie

National and State Libraries Australia
#vala2020 #s4

Kindness and UX in GLAM online presence: same, same but different?
Kathryn Greenhill
Western Australia
#vala2020 #s6

Putting the student in the library drivers's seat: implementing student co design with existing library platforms to build engaging blended learning outcomes
David Feighan, Ella Beni
Mentone Girls' Grammar School
#vala2020 #s8

1230 - 1345Lunch & Exhibition Viewing -
Exhibition Hall
1245-1345Eposter Presentations 
Room: Exhibition Hall
 Screen 1Screen 2Screen 3
1245-1305Just Like Starting Over - Re-designing a clinical research service for 2020 and beyond
Alice Anderson,
Tanja Ivacic-Ramljak

Monash Health
#vala2020 #ep1
Factors Influencing Subject Librarians' Promotion of Open Access Scholarly Resources to Library Clients
Donna Coventry
Auckland University of Technology Library
#vala2020 #ep4
Gale Analytics, data-driven decision making 
Damian Almeida
Gale, A Cengage Company
#vala2020 #ep7
1305-1325Integrating the Repository with the Research Information System: The Sequel
Julie Gardner, Lyn Wade
Victoria University
#vala2020 #ep2
Profiles, Not Metrics
Anthony Dona
Clarivate Analytics
#vala2020 #ep5
Educational Technology: How a Collection can Impact the Practice of 21st Century Teachers
Samantha Helfrich,
Sylvia Pilz

Monash University
#vala2020 #ep8
1325-1345Planning for high quality, impactful user research & the staff findability project
Heidi Laidler
University of Sydney Library
#vala2020 #ep3
Adopting Leganto for Digital Asset Management - Strategies and Lessons Learned Across Three Universities
Robyn Tweedale
University of Southern Queensland
#vala2020 #ep6
Digital Dexterity, how does that look in a foundational university course for online study?
Liz Hounslow
University of  South Australia
#vala2020 #ep9
1345 - 1440Williamson Award: 2020 Williamson Award Recipient
Room: Goldfields Theatre
1445 - 1550Concurrent Session 5
Room: Goldfields Theatre
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Concurrent Session 6
Room: Eureka Room 1
Vendor Session 1
Room: Eureka Room 3
Speakers' Corner #1
Room: Courtyard 1 & 2
Delivered as 15 minute "Open Mic" sessions, 10 minutes lightning talk and 5 minutes Q&A, consecutively. Delegates can attend any or all.
1445 - 1515Using technology to enable 24 hour access to print collections
Karen Seymour
University of Queensland Library
#vala2020 #s9

Connecting primary sources and secondary literature: the South Asian Open Archive (SAOA) and JSTOR collaboration
Bruce Heterick
#vala2020 #s11
Single sign-on and identity: integrated technology for an integrated future
Jon Bentley
Open Athens
#vala2020 #v1
Librarian and coding: a new job opportunity
Masami Yamaguchi
Griffith University
#vala2020 #sc1

Smart City Wide Collaboration - bringing a city together with Augmented Reality
Kerrie Shaw
City of Newcastle
#vala2020 #sc2

The Trials of Transcription: Adventures in best practice video and audio transcription for accessibility
Kirsty Lock
Wyndham City
#vala2020 #sc3

1520 - 1550Opening the EZproxy logs: how are patrons accessing electronic resources?
Fiona Tyson
University of Canterbury
#vala2020 #s10

Cultural heritage in the cloud – using knowledge management systems for digital data
Claire Reeler
Catalyst IT Australia / University Of Sydney
#vala2020 #s12

Intuitive library discovery
Cathy King
#vala2020 #v2
1550 - 1620
Afternoon Tea & Exhibition Viewing - Exhibition Hall
1620 - 1730Plenary Session 2: Dr Philippa Sheail, The University of Edinburgh
Data bodies in the library: from crustaceans to code
Room: Goldfields Theatre
#vala2020 #p2
1730 - 1830Welcome Reception - Exhibition Hall
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