VALA2020 Session 10 Williams

Will the people that follow in your footsteps know why you were wearing those shoes? Documenting your digitisation and digital collections processes

Wednesday 12 February 2020, 15:20 – 15:50

Kimberley Williams
  • Digital Curation Specialist
  • University of Sydney

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Knowledge sharing is central to the way libraries see themselves as institutions. We are content creators, provide high-resolution digital surrogates to our clients, and open up access to our unique, valuable and special collections in a way we have never been able to before. We can digitally reunite our items across the globe and let people play and experiment with our collections. That said, we also need to remember to leave contextual information for those that follow in our footsteps as to why we made the decisions we made, and how exactly we went about creating our collections.

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