VALA holds regular guest speaker events covering recent and interesting developments in the application of information technology. They are open to all members of the community.

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VALA Code of Conduct

VALA seeks to provide a respectful and safe environment in which diverse participants may learn from, challenge, network with and share the company of colleagues. We recognise a shared responsibility to create and sustain that environment and do not tolerate harassment in any form. Click HERE for the full document.

VALA Events 2018: Open GLAM Innovation

VALA invites you to our August Guest Speaker event for 2018. This 1-hour event will be run as a Zoom Webinar.

Topic: Open GLAM Innovation

Question: What does a truly contemporary library service look like?

Open ImageThe next VALA webinar “Open Innovation”, is a timely exploration of how GLAM institutions are collaborating to create new service offerings. It was sparked by recent announcements regarding the State Library Victoria’s StartSpace and Foundry658 initiatives, and fuelled by the interesting parallels we’ve observed with the State Library of Queensland’s The Edge.

Each of these projects is a response to the challenge of providing a contemporary library experience, with collaboration between GLAM institutions a key to success.

Our guest speakers, Anna Burkey from SLV and Andrei Maberley from SLQ, will share the ups and downs of the journey so far, what it means to work in an openly collaborative environment and what they might do differently if they had their time over.

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VALA Events 2018: Finders, Keepers: the past, present and future of library technology.

VALA invites you to our June Special event and VALA AGM. Join us at the William Angliss Conference Centre in Melbourne on Thursday 21 June from 5:30pm.

The AGM will be followed by a very special Event to mark VALA’s 40th Anniversary (1978-2018). Join VALA President, David Feighan, and President-elect, Katie Haden, VALA Committee past and present, our sponsors, friends and VALA “royalty” to share the milestones of the journey so far and our vision for the VALA of the future.

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VALA Events 2017: Women in IT – Data, Dystopia, Science Fiction and You

VALA invites you to our final Guest speaker event for 2017, and SGM.  Join us at the Library at the Dock on Wednesday 22nd November from 5:30pm.

Join VALA and special guest speaker, Kathy Reid, for a thought-provoking and surprising conversation about the role that women, librarians and technologists play (or should play) in ensuring freedom of data and information.

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VALA Tech Camp 2017

It’s a Wrap

Over 120 library technologists came together to share 20 tech-rich sessions at the inaugural VALA Tech Camp. Now that the dust has settled, and the surveys are in, we can confidently declare the event a resounding success.

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What can we learn from measuring peace? – an update

Topic: “What can we learn from measuring peace?” – an update

GPI Map graphic300

For those of you who attended the August 2015 VALA event entitled “What can we learn from measuring peace?”, the Institute for Economics and Peace has released the Global Peace Index 2016. This year, the IEP celebrates 10 years of measuring and analysing global levels of peace. Copies of past and present IEP reports can be found HERE.

 About the Global Peace Index (GPI)

The GPI is the world’s leading measure of global peacefulness. Released annually since 2007, the Index gauges on-going domestic and international conflict, safety and security in society, and militarisation in 162 countries by taking into account 23 indicators. The 2015 edition of the GPI was released on 17 June at King’s College in London and at the UN Secretariat in New York City generating world-wide interest and media attention.