VALA2020 Session 13 Kneebone

A subject vocabulary for social policy and research

Thursday 13 February 2020, 11:25 – 11:55

Les Kneebone
  • Information Architect
  • Analysis & Policy Observatory

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The Analysis & Policy Observatory (APO) maintains subject vocabularies that populate and validate metadata in its grey literature repository. In consultation with agencies active within social science and research data management, APO is revising and consolidating the existing vocabulary, using standards for constructing controlled vocabularies such as Simple Knowledge Organization System (SKOS). In this paper, work to establish an interoperable and reusable vocabulary relevant to policy and research metadata communities is reported. Both manual approaches to refining the subject vocabulary top layer, cleaning up the tail of single use terms, and reference techniques for automating thesaurus construction using a graph technology are outlined.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial License.