VALA2020 Session 1 Kearney

The Biodiversity Heritage Library and the evolution of uber-discoverability

Tuesday 11 February 2020, 11:25 – 11:55

Nicole Kearney
  • Manager Biodiversity Heritage Library Australia
  • Museums Victoria

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2020 marks the 10-year anniversary of Australia’s partnership with the Biodiversity Heritage Library (BHL), a world-wide consortium of libraries digitising their biodiversity literature and making it openly accessible online. This paper celebrates this milestone by detailing the major accessibility and discoverability advances that have been achieved over the past decade, in the context of the Australian branch of the project, and will discuss the BHL’s ongoing evolution from being “just” the world’s largest online repository of biodiversity literature to becoming a fully searchable, persistently linkable source of big data, and thus an uber-discoverable online library.


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial License.