VALA2020 Session 2 Johnson

Conversation-led Library Services: delivering the Library to students in the age of digital Assistants

Tuesday 11 February 2020, 11:25 – 11:55

Danielle Johnson
  • Manager Digital Experience
  • Deakin University Library
Steve White
  • Digital Solutions Manager
  • Deakin University

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DeakinGenie (“Genie”) is a smartphone-based digital assistant designed to provide personalised information and resources to guide undergraduate students through their study and life at Deakin via a voice/text controlled app. It uses artificial intelligence, natural language processing, integrations, development expertise and a program of content management to deliver point-of-need information to students via their mobile devices. It was launched to the Deakin University undergraduate student population in July 2018. This paper discusses the delivery of Deakin University Library services in Genie, including the pathways taken to ensure successful delivery of library services through the conversation-led approach.


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