VALA’s Aims

As part of the 40th anniversary program in 2018, VALA reviewed and amended its statement of purpose.

VALA’s purpose is:

To cultivate innovative and sustainable use of technology in the information community by:

  • Inspiring communities of practice
  • Facilitating exchange of information and the exploration of new ideas
  • Recognising and celebrating excellence
VALA Values
We are Inclusive

VALA welcomes everyone who works in, with, and for libraries and other cultural institutions. VALA activities are for, and open to, everyone: regardless of membership status, professional qualification, industry sector, experience, or technical ability.

We are Inquisitive

VALA encourages the curious investigation and discovery of ideas to further understand the complexity of technology and libraries. We provide a space for open discourse and seek to build deeper knowledge to support our communities of practice.

We are Innovative

VALA actively seeks new ways to engage with and deliver services to our network.  Through our awards and events programs, we celebrate and elevate those who challenge the status quo and who bring a fresh and creative perspective to our sector.

We are Open

VALA communicates transparently and provides opportunities for all members to be involved in governance and planning. We provide open access to papers, recordings of events, and other information we produce, as part of our service to the LIS community.

We are Responsive

VALA represents the cutting edge of technology and libraries, and responds quickly as the industry’s focus, challenges, opportunities and needs change. We listen to what our community needs, and act accordingly.