VALA2020 Session 16 Tyrell

Professional Literacy Suite – leveraging technology to scaffold digital literacy across a business degree

Thursday 13 February 2020, 1:45 – 2:15

Simone Tyrell
  • Librarian, Faculty of Business and Law Digital Literacy Programs
  • Deakin University
Leanne Ngo
  • Director, Teaching and Learning Innovations, Faculty of Business and Law
  • Deakin University
Michael Volkov
  • Associate Professor, Department of Marketing
  • Macquarie University
Micaela Spiers
  • Lecturer, Faculty of Business and Law
  • Deakin University
Kerrie Bridson
  • Associate Dean (Quality, Standards & Accreditation), Faculty of Business and Law
  • Deakin University

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The Professional Literacy Suite is a set of three embedded digital literacy modules developed to translate the University’s Graduate Learning Outcome of Digital Literacy and support employability. Created as a key Faculty of Business and Law initiative in collaboration with the Library, they are the first of their kind created at a course-wide level at Deakin University. The modules are interactive and media-rich, visually engaging, centred on strong learning design and scenario-based learning. Leveraging off the unique interactive and adaptive technologies of Tumult Hype and Smart Sparrow, their design enables the use of personalised learning, inbuilt analytics and large-scale implementation.

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