What it means to be a VALA Member

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When you become a VALA Member, you signal your support for VALA’s core purpose and values.

Our members are at the heart of a network of like-minded professionals in libraries and across the GLAM sector, who actively cultivate communities of practice, facilitate the exchange of information and the exploration of new ideas, and who value the pursuit of excellence within our industry.

Being a VALA Member signals that you support inclusion, curiosity, innovation, access and responsiveness and that you value your own professional journey and that of your colleagues.

As an active and engaged VALA Member, you will have opportunities to learn from and be inspired by outstanding individuals, to develop strong professional networks and to grow and ultimately to give back to the sector.

Member Benefits

In addition, there are direct and measurable benefits of membership which include:

  • Member rates – VALA Tech Camp
  • Member rates – VALA Biennial Conference
  • Influence – voting rights at AGM and SGM
  • Influence – participation in VALA Committees, sub-committees and working groups
  • Complimentary Registration – Guest Speaker events
  • Complimentary Registration – Webinars

Through their subscriptions, VALA Members enable us to openly share industry information and our rich, unique proceedings repository with both Members and our wider community via:

  • Online resources including all past conference proceedings and event recordings
  • Monthly VALADates newsletters

Membership Types

VALA Membership is offered to both individuals and Organisations. Member Organisations must nominate the staff covered by their VALA Membership BUT can change and update their nominees throughout the year.

VALA offers the following Membership Types and Prices for the period 1 January 2024 to 31 December 2024 (all prices in AUD including GST):

Personal Members
  • Personal Member
    • $130 (including GST)
  • Student Member
    • $50 (including GST)
    • Within Australia – available to all full-time and part-time library students enrolled in ALIA accredited courses listed on the ALIA Website
    • Within New Zealand – available to all full-time and part-time library students currently studying for LIS qualifications that fulfil the eligibility requirements for LIANZA professional registration (see HERE for details).
Member Organisations

Organisations are invited to self-assess and select the membership level that is most appropriate for their size and professional development requirements:

    • Level 1 – 2 members – $350 (including GST)
    • Level 2 – 3 to 5 members – $700 (including GST)
    • Level 3 – 6 to 9 members – $1050 (including GST)
    • Level 4 – 10+ members – $1400 (including GST)

Membership Period

VALA Membership are on a 12 month calendar cycle, with membership fees for the period from 1 January to 31 December.

Members joining at any time during the year will be current until 31 December of that year. Renewals will be due 1 January of the following year.

Membership Terms and Conditions

  • Financial members are eligible to vote at VALA General Meetings; each Member Organisation (any level) is entitled to nominate 1 individual to vote on their behalf.
  • All VALA members are bound by the VALA Code of Conduct