VALA2018 Exhibition Floor Plan


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VALA2018 Exhibition

The exhibition is an integral element of the Conference and will provide the market place for valuable networking and education and the opportunity to meet face to face with your target audience. Located on a single level in the Exhibition Centre bays, adjacent to the plenary hall and other session rooms, the exhibition will be fully integrated into the Conference program with all catering breaks served in the exhibition hall.

We encourage you to book early. Click on the icons or select from the menu to view the Prospectus, download the Exhibition Floor plan, or simply apply online.

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Exhibition Opening Hours
Tuesday 13 February 2018
    0830 – 1830 hours (access for exhibitors from 0800 hours)
    1730 – 1830 hours (Welcome Reception)
Wednesday 14 February 2018
    0830 – 1730 hours
Thursday 15 February 2018
    0830 – 1345 hours



NB: Exhibition floor plan layout is correct as at 1 February 2018. Subject to change without notice. Please note stylised floor plan is not to scale.




StandCompany NameStandCompany Name
1 no stand52Crandon Services (NSW)
2Solus 53Emerald Publishing 
3The Book House 54CSIRO Publishing
4FE Technologies 55EnvisionWare
5FE Technologies 56ProQuest
6FE Technologies 57ProQuest
7All Access 58ProQuest
8Docuvan 59ProQuest
9Primal Pictures 60Springer Nature 
10Mary Ann Liebert 61Informit
11Ignite Services 62 no stand
12IEEE Xplore Digital Library 63Springer Nature 
13Bolinda64Gale – Cengage
14Cambridge University Press 65Britannica Digital Learning 
15Cambridge University Press 66Wolters Kluwer 
16Charles Sturt University 67Gale – A Cengage Company
17Casalini Libri 68iGroup Australasia 
18 no stand69iGroup Australasia 
19 no stand70BMJ
20 no stand71Wiley
21 no stand72OCLC 
22Wavesound 73OCLC 
23 no stand74IOP Publishing
24 no stand75Recollect (NZMS)
25 no stand76CAVAL
26 no stand77Inotec Pty Ltd 
27 no stand78AIP Publishing 
28 no stand79Clarivate Analytics 
29The Brainary 80Clarivate Analytics
30 no stand81DatacomIT 
31 no stand82DatacomIT 
33 McGraw-Hill Education 84Bezi Publishing Services
34Australian Financial Review 85Bezi Publishing Services 
35Sirsidynix Pty Ltd 86Ollexi Publishing
36Clickview 87Ollexi Publishing
37Taylor & Francis 88The Jama Network
38SAGE Publications89DAMsmart 
39SAGE Publications90VALA Media Centre 
40Bibliotheca Australia 91Elsevier 
41EBSCO92Bloomsbury Publishing 
42EBSCO 93 no stand
43Adam Matthew Digital94 no stand
44Catalyst IT Australia 95 no stand
45Copyright Agency 96Instinct Furniture Australia Ltd 
46James Bennett   
47Edward Elgar Publishing   
49Adilam Technologies   
50Oxford University Press  
51Oxford University Press   
PodCompany NamePodCompany Name
1World Scientific Publishing Company 8JoVE 
3MDM Entertainment Pty Ltd 10PoolParty (Semantic)
4Procurement Australia 11Evolveplus
5Annual Reviews12Yewno
6SAE International  131science
7Trove 14  FATS Digital and W F Pascoe