VALA2018 Preparation of Your Abstract


Abstract submissions are now closed.

  • All abstracts must be original work.
  • The abstract, being a précis of the proposed paper, must be between 400 and 500 words. Note that abstracts that are too short or too long may be rejected.
  • Authors will be required to make a declaration that the paper submitted is their own work, has not been published elsewhere and, if accepted by VALA, will not be published elsewhere until after the VALA2018 Conference.
  • Abstracts must contain the following information
    • Title, list of authors and the affiliations of the authors.
    • Full details, together with the name, organisation, department, position, address, telephone number and e-mail address, are also to be provided for the author nominated as the contact person for this paper. Note tht all correspondence will be sent via the contact person.
    • For successful papers, full details may also be requested for co-authors.
  • All abstracts submitted will be peer-reviewed. Please ensure that all formatting is correct prior to uploading your abstract.

You will be required to provide the following details prior to uploading the abstract file:

  • The abstract title
  • Preferred presentation type
  • Conference concept
  • All author names and affiliations
  • Presenting author biography
  • Your completed abstract template

Complete each field and then select the ‘Submit’ button to successfully upload your abstract. Please note, this button will show only when all fields have been completed.

Once your submission is uploaded correctly, you will receive a confirmation email. If you do not receive this email, your abstract has not been uploaded correctly. The abstract will be found under the ‘Edit Abstracts’ tab and you will need to submit it.

Should you wish to delete or edit an abstract that has been successfully uploaded, you will need to contact the Conference Office.


Terms & Conditions

By submitting an abstract and paper, you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions:

(i) As the contact author, I acknowledge that I am making this agreement on behalf of all contributing parties (if any) for this paper.

(ii) I acknowledge that my/our paper will not be presented or published elsewhere until after the VALA2018 Conference.

(iii) I take full responsibility for the content of my abstract, paper and presentation.

(iv) I confirm that I have successfully viewed the PDF conversion of my submitted abstract(s), including any abstracts that I have replaced.

(v) I understand I should not use my paper or presentation as means of selling my organisation’s products or services.

(vi) All submissions (brief description, long description and full papers) and presentations will be licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution License to protect the authors’ copyright and for use within VALA’s everyday business activities.

(vii) I give permission for my abstract and full paper to be published in the Conference handbook and/or the Conference website.

(viii) I give permission for my presentation to be filmed and recorded and to be uploaded onto the Conference website / Conference proceedings.

(ix) All documents, memoranda, notes and records relating to the Conference produced by WALDRONSMITH Management, its agents, the staff or representatives of VALA – Libraries, Technology and the Future Inc are and remain the property of VALA – Libraries, Technology and the Future Inc.

(x) I have submitted an original work that does not contain the work of others without full disclosure and referencing within the paper. I understand that plagiarism is unethical and not tolerated.

(xi) By making this declaration, I am stating that all work presented/submitted by me at the VALA2018 Conference is my own. When diagrams and information used are not my own, I will use correct referencing, citing author, date and publication title.

(xii) VALA – Libraries, Technology and the Future, Inc and WALDRONSMITH Management accept no responsibility for any action taken by a third a party against the Author/s of the paper.