VALA2018 Presenter information

Presentation Briefing Notes

Presenting at a VALA Conference is an important opportunity and a big responsibility so please ensure you read the Presentation Briefing Notes carefully and comply with the guidelines. If you did not receive your copy via email they can be downloaded below.

Getting the most out of your VALA paper and presentation

Listen to our special Guest presenters Michelle McLean and Dr Ben Chadwick, hosted by David Feighan, as they share their knowledge on the topic “Getting the most out of your VALA paper and presentation”.  In this May 2017 webinar, VALA sought to provide authors and presenters with some key advice and information for maximising the VALA conference paper experience – both in the writing and review of the written paper and in the onsite presentation of the content to a live audience.

Access the event webinar recording in GigTV by clicking on the image below, and the presentation slides in Google Drive.

Webinar image3


Speaker Preparation Room

As a presenter, you are responsible for your own material. It must be loaded correctly and checked into the Speaker Preparation Room at least 2 hours prior to the commencement of your session.

The Speaker Preparation Room is located in Room 215 on Level 2 and will be open as follows:

  • Tuesday 13 February 20180730 – 1730
  • Wednesday 14 February 20180800 – 1730
  • Thursday 15 February 20180800 – 1630