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VALA2014 Provisional Conference Programme

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On Monday 3rd February 2014, VALA will present the VALA2014 L-Plate Series. This series of introductory sessions focuses on the technologies that will be discussed during the VALA conference. Brush up your knowledge and enhance your VALA2014 Conference experience by attending the VALA2014 L-Plate Series on Monday afternoon. This series is free to all registered VALA2014 Conference delegates. The 2012 VALA L-Plate Series proved to be very popular, so book early as spaces are limited. L-Plate Series registration includes afternoon tea.

RMIT Publishing / VALAtech BOOT CAMP

If the VALA L-Plate Series is a fun way to brush up on your knowledge, the RMIT Publishing/VALAtech Boot Camp is a series of day and half-day high-end technical and practical sessions. Book into these interactive sessions (no passive participation here) and expand your knowledge of some of the key and emerging technologies used today. As a high-end practical stream, a core level of technical knowledge is required. Participants are also asked to bring their notebooks / netbooks. The RMIT Publishing/VALAtech Boot Camp is free to delegates and spaces are strictly limited. The RMIT Publishing/VALAtech Boot Camp runs from Monday 3 – Thursday 6 February 2014.


Monday 3 February 2014

0830 – 1800 Registration
RMIT Publishing / VALAtech Boot Camp
0900 – 1300 Session A
Room: 218
#vala14 #bca
0900 – 1030
orange bootsBrewing your own Linked Data – Part 1
1030 – 1100“Morning Tea
1100 – 1300Brewing your own Linked Data – Part 2
1300 – 1400Lunch – Provide Your Own
1400 – 1700 Session B
Room: 218
#vala14 #bcb
1400 – 1530orange bootsCreating your own Ebook – Part 1
1530 – 1600Afternoon Tea
1600 – 1730Creating your own Ebook – Part 2
VALA2014 L-Plate Series
Room: 219
1300 – 1330L-Plate Session 1
Web standards (incorporating HTML 5)
1330 – 1400 L-Plate Session 2
Semantic Web and Internet of Things
1400 – 1430 L-Plate Session 3
1430 – 1500 L-Plate Session 4
1500 – 1530 Afternoon Tea – Foyer
1530 – 1600 L-Plate Session 5
3D Printing
1600 – 1630 L-Plate Session 6
Open Publishing
1630 – 1700 L-Plate Session 7
Copyright and digital rights
Associated Events
0930 – 1700Datasets Coordinators’ Meeting and Forum (for CAUL/CEIRC members only)
0930 – 1715Research Support Community Day 2014


Tuesday 4 February 2014

0800 – 1830Registration
0900 – 0905

Opening Address and Welcome
Kim Tairi, VALA2014 Conference Committee Chair

0905 – 1015

PLENARY SESSION 1VALA2014 Keynote Speaker
Room: Plenary Hall 3    Chair: Kim Tairi
Christine Borgman, University of California, Los Angeles
Big data, little data, no data: scholarship in the networked world

#vala14 #p1

1015 – 1050Morning Tea and Exhibition Viewing – Exhibition Area


Think Big
Room: Plenary Hall 3
Chair: Sherrill Harvey

It’s All About the Data
Room: 219 & 220
Chair: Tom Denison

Cloud Gazing
Room: 212 & 213
Chair: Tom Edwards

RMIT Publishing / VALAtech Boot Camp – Session C
Room: 218

1050 – 1120

Jenny Ellis, Astrid Bovell, Peta Humphreys  and Jan Weaver, University of Melbourne, Vic
Managing MOOCs: adding value in a ‘massive, open, online’ environment
#vala14 #s1
Peer Reviewed

Ben Kreunen and Joe Arthur, University of Melbourne, Vic
Hacking the library catalogue: a voyage of discovery
#vala14 #s4
Peer Reviewed

Zan Li, Melbourne Library Service
First experience of implementing a cloud computing SaaS application
#vala14 #s7
Peer Reviewed

Transforming yourself for the future library

Justine Hyde, Director Library Services and Experience, State Library of Victoria, Melbourne

#vala14 #bcc
Peer Reviewed


1125 – 1155

Andrew Piper, State Library of South Australia
The South Australian Red Cross Information Bureau
#vala14 #s2
Peer Reviewed

Simon Cootes, State Library of New South Wales
Marking up NSW: Wikipedia, newspapers and the State Library
#vala14 #s5
Peer Reviewed

Michelle McLean, Casey-Cardinia Library Corporation, Vic
Residing in the cloud: looking at the forecast now and into the future
#vala14 #s8
Peer Reviewed

1200 – 1230

Kerrie Ludekens and Kerry Gutowski, CPA Australia, Vic
CPA Australia’s archive story
#vala14 #s3
Peer Reviewed

Edmund Balnaves, Prosentient Systems, NSW
Complex harvesting for content from public sources and email
#vala14 #s6
Peer Reviewed

Derek Whitehead, Swinburne University of Technology, Vic
All on the ground: there is no cloud
#vala14 #s9
Invited Paper

1230 – 1405Lunch and Exhibition Viewing – Exhibition Area

User Discovery and Experiences
Room: Plenary Hall 3
Chair: Brendan Fitzgerald

Room: 219 & 220
Chair: Jeremy Taylor

Near Futures
Room: 212 & 213
Chair: Michelle McLean

RMIT Publishing / VALAtech Boot Camp – Session D
Room: 218

1405 – 1435

Dianne Velasquez, Andree Brett, Robin Costelloe, Daniel Easterbrook, Margaret Parker and Amy Vanner, University of South Australia
Usability of public library websites in Australia
#vala14 #s10

Hue Thi Pham and Kerry Tanner, Monash University, Vic
Influences of technology on collaboration between academics and librarians
#vala14 #s13
Peer Reviewed

Warren Cheetham, CityLibraries Townsville, QLD
USB: Ubiquitous Superfast Broadband, the promises and perils for Australian libraries
(VALA Travel Scholar)
#vala14 #s16
Peer Reviewed
Travel Scholar

Techspert RDA

Ebe Kartus, Melissa Parent and Lesa Maclean, RMIT University, Vic and Sarah Sherman, Deakin University

#vala14 #bcd


1440 – 1510

Tony Iezzi, Vision Australia
The first accessible catalogue for the print-disabled community in Australia
#vala14 #s11
Peer Reviewed

Lisa Ogle and Kai Jin Chen, University of Newcastle, NSW
Just accept it! Increasing researcher input into the business of research outputs
#vala14 #s14
Peer Reviewed

Michelle Hudson, Kiama Municipal Council; Library, NSW
The library of the future: Kiama Library and the NBN
#vala14 #s17
Peer Reviewed

1515 – 1545

Craig Murdoch and Shari Hearne, Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand
Journey into the user experience: creating a library website that’s not for librarians
#vala14 #s12
Peer Reviewed

Malcolm Wolski and Joanna Richardson, Griffith University, QLD
Terra Nova: a new land for librarians?
#vala14 #s15
Peer Reviewed

Greg Rolan, Tom Denison, Monash University and Christine Mackenzie, Yarra Plenty Regional Library
Rolling out Digital Hubs in public libraries: the Mill Park story
#vala14 #s18
Peer Reviewed

1545 – 1620

Afternoon Tea and Exhibition Viewing – Exhibition Area

1620 – 1730

PLENARY SESSION 2VALA2014 Keynote Speaker
Room: Plenary Hall 3    Chair: Bart Rutherford
Johan Bollen, Associate Professor, Indiana University School of Informatics and Computing, USA
Social media as an agent of socio-economic change: analytics and applications
#vala14 #p2

1730 – 1830

Welcome ReceptionExhibition Area


Wednesday 5 February 2014

0800 – 1800Registration
0845 – 0955

PLENARY SESSION 3VALA2014 Keynote Speaker
Room: Plenary Hall 3    Chair: Tom Denison
Gene Tan, Director, National Library Singapore
A new kind of citizens’ library through the Singapore Memory Project
#vala14 #p3

0955 – 1030Morning Tea and Exhibition Viewing – Exhibition Area
Vendor Presentations 1
Room: 212
Chair: Lian Todd
Vendor Presentations 2
Room: 220
Chair: John Terrell
Vendor Presentations 3
eContent & Other Library Services
Room: 219
Chair: David Feighan
Vendor Presentations 4
Library Vendor Services
Room: 213
Chair: Julie Gardner
Vendor Presentations 5
Library Systems and  IT Services
Room: 218
Chair: Bart Rutherford
1030 – 1042RMIT Publishing
More accessibility, less complexity
Bolinda Digital
BorrowBox – the world’s most elegant, intuitive, simple to use download solution for eBooks and eAudiobooks
Baker and Taylor
Digital Collection Management
CoInfo: Library Supply – Supporting education locally through our global reach
OverDrive and Softlink
The evolution of eContent and One Screen, eBook Search&Read
1045 – 1057SAGE Publications Asia-Pacific
SAGE’s research method cases: an update on SRM
EBSCO Discovery Service
The importance of superior relevancy for the research process
Baker and Taylor
Ebooks in the Public Library Space
1100 – 1112Alexander Street Press
New content, new business models:  Video at Alexander Street Press
Maney Publishing
Introducing our new journal platform, Maney Online
OCLC WorldShare Management Services: A different way of doing things
Casalini Libri
Torrossa: scholarly Romance-language e-books and e-journals from over 180 publishers
Maxus Australia
ROI strategy for knowledge resources using Inmagic Presto
1115 – 1127Elsevier Science & Technology
Expanding possibilities for acquiring & accessing eBook content
Taylor & Francis
T&F South Asia archive – A human interest story
CoInfo: eResources
D2D – The open solution that weaves request management into the discovery experience
Spydus 9: Our integrated Library Management, Digital Asset Management and Archive Solution
1130 – 1142Britannica Digital Learning
If you’re fed up with the fear of copyright violations, then you need to see Image Quest
Emerald Group Publishing
Emerald – Electronic Management (E) Research and Library Databases: navigating the information stream of possibilities
3M Australia
Connecting with communities through technology
Crandon Services NSW Pty
EndNote – The most powerful tool for managing your research
Innovative Interfaces
Open your library!
1145 – 1157Thomson Reuters
Simplify discovery: the Web of Science – Google Scholar collaboration
Bezi Publishing Services
What’s new in online resources for the humanities and social sciences
Credo: Innovations in Information Literacy Solutions
IGroup (Australasia)
ACS Publications update 2014
Catalyst IT Australia Pty Ltd
Find out why Koha is chosen by everyone from National Libraries, large public consortia, to the tiniest community libraries. Hint: maybe it’s not 5 year contracts
1200 – 1212Oxford University Press
Oxford University Press – illuminating the research world
Shared shelf: Catalog, manage and expose your multimedia collections for targeted discovery
FE Technologies
Going from 100% self loan to 100% returns
IGroup (Australasia)
ACSESS Digital Library
Inside the covers – mass digitisation
1215 – 1227Cambridge University Press
Cambridge University Press latest journals, ebooks and online collections
Thomson Reuters
Research profiles, your data, our data in the Next Generation of InCites
EnvisionWare Pty Ltd
Patrons prefer options: Patron empowerment solutions
IGroup (Australasia)
iGroup Australasia developments & products
ZEUTSCHEL, the future of the past
1230 – 1345Lunch and Exhibition Viewing – Exhibition Area

Think Social
Room: Plenary Hall 3
Chair: Jeremy Taylor

Room: 219 & 220
Chair: Janet Weaver

Get Creative
Room: 212 & 213
Chair: Brendan Fitzgerald

Scanning Locally, Collaborating Globally
Room: 218
Chair: Karen Kealy

1345 – 1415

Kathryn Barwick, Mylee Joseph, State Library of New South Wales, Cecile Paris and Stephen Wan, Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation, Australia
Hunters and collectors: seeking social media content for cultural heritage collections
#vala14 #s19
Peer Reviewed

Lisa Kruesi, The University of Queensland Library
Extreme makeover: transitioning International Surgery online
#vala14 #s22
Peer Reviewed

Tania Barry, Yarra Plenty Regional Library, Vic
Learn to play and play to learn: using public libraries for creativity and collaboration
#vala14 #s25
Peer Reviewed

Nancy Gwinn, Smithsonian Institution Libraries, Washington, USA
Martin Kalfatovic, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, USA
Elycia Wallis, Museum Victoria
William UlateMissouri Botanical Garden, St Louis, USA
Anne-Lise Fourie, South African National Biodiversity Institute, SA
Jiri Frank, National Museum, Prague, Czech Republic

Creating a Global Biodiversity Heritage Library
#vala14 #s27
Invited Paper

1420 – 1450

Wendy Abbott, Jessie Donaghey, Joanna Hare and Peta Hopkins, Bond University Library, Qld
The perfect storm: the convergence of social, mobile and photo technologies in libraries
#vala14 #s20
Peer Reviewed

Glenda Browne, Westmead Hospital, NSW
The EPUB standard and ebook indexes: better user access to information in ebooks
#vala14 #s23
Peer Reviewed

Michelle McLean, Casey-Cardinia Library Corporation, Vic and Tania Barry, Yarra Plenty Regional Library, Vic
Maker/Hackerspaces: what do they look like and does it fit at my library?
#vala14 #s26

(Note: this workshop spans two sessions)


1455 – 1525

Kathleen Smeaton and Kate Davis, Queensland University of Technology
Is it Tweet-worthy? Privacy in a time of sharing
#vala14 #s21
Peer Reviewed

Jane Burke, ProQuest, USA
Video: streaming with possibilities, but undiscoverable
#vala14 #s24
Peer Reviewed

1525 – 1600Afternoon Tea and Exhibition Viewing – Exhibition Area

1600 – 1710

PLENARY SESSION 4VALA2014 Keynote Speaker
Room: Plenary Hall 3    Chair: Kim Tairi
Matt FinchParkes Shire, NSW
The book of the world: crossing boundaries in culture and outreach
#vala14 #p4
1900 – 2300Conference Dinner – Great Hall, National Gallery of Victoria


Thursday 6 February 2014

0800 – 1800Registration
0845 – 0955

PLENARY SESSION 5VALA2014 Keynote Speaker
Room: Plenary Hall 3    Chair: Tom Edwards
Mia Ridge, Doctoral Researcher, Department of History, The Open University, UK
Bringing maker culture to cultural organisations

#vala14 #p5

0955 – 1030Morning Tea and Exhibition Viewing – Exhibition Area

Digging Culture
Room: Plenary Hall 3
Chair: Julie Gardner

Crossing the Stream
Room: 219 & 220
Chair: David Feighan

Room: 212 & 213
Chair: Karen Kealy

RMIT Publishing / VALAtech Boot Camp
Session E
Room: 218

1030 – 1100

Ingrid Mason, Intersect Australia, NSW
GLAM data hokey pokey/tokey and digital humanities research
#vala14 #s28
Peer Reviewed

Michael Organ and Rebecca Daly, University of Wollongong Library, NSW
What’s on the telly? Streaming the archives to new audiences
#vala14 #s31
Peer Reviewed

Tom Joyce, The University of Queensland
Relying on customary practice when the law says ‘No’: justified, safe or simply ‘no go’
#vala14 #s34
Peer Reviewed

LibraryBox: taking a feather from the pirate’s cap

Peta Hopkins, Bond University, Qld and Tom Edwards, Wyndham City Libraries, Vic

#vala14 #bce


1105 – 1135

Peter Neish, Victorian Parliamentary Library
Linked Data: thinking big, starting small
#vala14 #s29
Peer Reviewed

Colleen Cleary, Queensland University of Technology, Olivia Humphrey, Kanopy, WA
and Alison Bates, La Trobe University Library, Vic
Possible, inevitable or fait accompli? An analysis of streaming video acquisition, acceptance and use in higher education
#vala14 #s32
Peer Reviewed

Amanda Nixon, Liz Walkley Hall, Ian McBain, Richard Constantine and Colin Carati, Flinders University, SA
We built it and they are coming: the development of eResearch@Flinders
#vala14 #s35
Peer Reviewed

1140 – 1210

Toby Burrows, University of Western Australia andDeb Verhoeven, Deakin University, Vic
Linking and sharing data in the humanities and creative arts: building the HuNI Virtual Laboratory
#vala14 #s30
Peer Reviewed

Alan Butters, Sybis, Vic
NFC equipped smartphones: a two edged sword for library RFID systems
#vala14 #s33
Peer Reviewed

Holley Adams, Hugh Rundle and Hannah Munn, City of Boroondara Library Service, Vic
‘I read this thing’   : bringing professional development into the social media age
#vala14 #s36
Peer Reviewed

1210 – 1345Lunch and Exhibition Viewing – Exhibition Area

Engaging Culture
Room: Plenary Hall 3
Chair: Jeremy Taylor

Skilling Time
Room: 219 & 220
Chair: Kim Tairi

New Territory
Room: 212 & 213
Chair: Linlin Zhao

RMIT Publishing / VALAtech Boot Camp
Session F
Room: 218


Arianna Betti, VU University Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Dirk Gerrits, Bettina Speckmann, Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands and Hein van den Berg, VU University Amsterdam, The Netherlands
GlamMap: visualising library metadata
#vala14 #s37
Peer Reviewed

Constance Wiebrands, Edith Cowan University, WA and Michael Wiebrands, Curtin University, WA
‘I need more hands-on training!’: reflections on creating self-directed learning opportunities for library staff

#vala14 #s40
Peer Reviewed

Natasha Simons and Sam Searle, Griffith University, Qld
Redefining ‘the librarian’ in the context of emerging eResearch services
#vala14 #s43
Peer Reviewed

Altmetrics: a new battle in the impact wars

Helen Livingston andStuart Ainsworth, University of South Australia

#vala14 #bcf



Brendan Fitzgerald, Infoxchange, VIC
Engaging exclusion: what’s next for Australia’s digital future
#vala14 #s38
Invited Paper

Carol Pitts Diedrichs, The Ohio State University, USA
New skill sets: providing service for graduate students and researchers
#vala14 #s41
Peer Reviewed

Anna Gifford and Julie Rae, Australian Drug Foundation, Vic
Size doesn’t matter: how a small library went BIG
#vala14 #s44
Peer Reviewed

1455 – 1525

Smita Biswas, Auckland City Libraries, New Zealand
Grass roots digitisation: how to engage with your community
#vala14 #s39

 Melissa Parent and Lesa Maclean, RMIT University, Vic
Go with the flow: discovering new workflows and skill sets in Alma
#vala14 #s42
Peer Reviewed

Janette Wright and Jane Cowell, State Library of Queensland
ALICE: are we ready for a startup?
#vala14 #s45
Peer Reviewed

1525-1555Afternoon Tea and Exhibition Viewing – Exhibition Area
1555 – 1705

PLENARY SESSION 6VALA2014 Keynote Speaker
Room: Plenary Hall 3    Chair: David Feighan
Joe Murphy, Libraryfuture, USA
Library as Future

#vala14 #p6

1705 – 1710

CLOSING: Tom Edwards, VALA President

1710 – 1830Farewell Refreshments



Friday 7 February 2014

Associated Events
0930 – 1630Library Camp Australia
Library Camp Australia Unconference


The conference programme is preliminary and is subject to change. VALA reserves the right to alter this programme as planning progresses.

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