VALA2014 Session 7 Smeaton

Is it Tweet-worthy? Privacy in a time of sharing

Wednesday 5 February 2014, 14:55 – 15:25
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Kathleen Smeaton and Kate Davis

Queensland University of Technology

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Information professionals and information organisations use Twitter in a variety of ways. Typically both organisations and the individuals that work for them have separate identities on Twitter, but often individuals identify their organization through their profile or Twitter content. This paper considers the way information professionals use Twitter and their practices with regard to privacy, personal disclosure and identifying their organisational affiliations. Drawing on data from a research study involving a questionnaire and social media observation, the paper will provoke discussion about information professionals’ use of Twitter, personal and organizational identity, and the value of Twitter for professional development. In keeping with the subject matter, a curated set of social media content will be available in lieu of a formal paper.

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