VALA2014 Session 12 Adams

I read this thing…: bringing professional development into the social media age

Thursday 6 February 2014, 11:40 – 12:10
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Holley Adams, Hugh Rundle and Hannah Munn

City of Boroondara Library Service, Vic

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This paper discusses the planning, implementation and ongoing expansion of an online professional development platform for City of Boroondara Library Service staff. “I read this thing…” is a project that attempts to address the professional development needs of our library staff by creating a self-supporting online workplace learning network. The authors identified flaws in the existing systems of informal learning and professional reading, and conducted a survey to identify staff learning needs and desires. An integrated system of online communication platforms was created to enable and encourage staff to share informal professional learning. The project is continuing to evolve in response to staff feedback and involvement.

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