Call for Reviewers

The VALA2014 Programme Committee is seeking skilled people interested in taking on the important role of independent reviewer for the VALA2014 conference papers that are due to be submitted on 16 September 2013.  All papers (except for keynote speakers and invited papers) published in VALA conference proceedings are peer-reviewed in accordance with HERDC guidelines.

The process and projected timeline for the review of papers is:-

  • 1 August:  Reviewers complete expression of interest process (outlined below).
  • Mid-September:  All papers due for lodgement (by 16 September)
  • Late-September:  Papers distributed to at least 2 reviewers; read, rate and comment on 2-3 papers in accordance with guidelines/comment forms provided.  Papers distributed by email, and reviewers asked to complete the task within 2 weeks of receiving the papers.
  • Mid-Late October:  Reviews of papers consolidated by VALA Editor; reviews combined anonymously and returned to authors for revision where required and return within 3 weeks.
  • Mid-Late November:  Revised papers redistributed to original reviewers; read, rate and comment within 2 weeks of receiving revised paper/s.
  • Late-November-Early December:  Peer-review process complete.

Whilst it is possible that there may be delays with particular papers, this timeline will be adhered to in most cases; any unavoidable delays will be advised and negotiated in advance wherever possible.

VALA’s aim is to distribute papers evenly amongst reviewers, and according to each reviewer’s areas of skill; to this end a Reviewing Skills Spreadsheet is provided (see below).

How to Register your Interest:

If you are interested in being considered for the review panel, we would like you to do the following:-

1.   Download the Reviewing Skills Spreadsheet and complete it as described below, to help with gathering information about your skills (This should take around 3 minutes).

2.   Email the spreadsheet to ASAP and no later than Thursday 1 August 2013.

3.   In your covering email, please supply us with 50-100 words about yourself, full contact information (including secondary email addresses and phone numbers), plus any spread of dates between now and Christmas when you will not be available for reviewing.

Please Note:  Even if you have reviewed for VALA before, we ask that you please complete this task to simplify the process.

Completing the Reviewing Skills Spreadsheet:-
In the spreadsheet:-

  • Column A is the list of topics we arrived at for the Call for Abstracts. 
  • Column B asks you to insert your name and institution at the top (overwrite what is there), and then the rest of the column shows each cell marked with the default value of O (for OK).

    Please change the value of O as follows:

    Y     If you are relatively strong in that area (please use Caps Lock)

    N     If you are really not familiar with the area (please use Caps Lock)

    O     Topics remaining as O will be considered as OK for you to review if necessary

Please complete and return to by Thursday 1 August 2013.