VALA1996 Proceedings

vala96 cover logo 150The 8th VALA Biennial Conference and Exhibition was held at the World Congress Centre, Melbourne, Australia from 30 January – 1 February 1996. The theme for this conference was Electronic Dream? Virtual Nightmare? The reality for Libraries.

The following papers were presented at VALA1996.

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Brenda Bailey and David Kohl, OCLC
Information Hunters and Gatherers in the 21st Century: Searchers and Sources

Tony Barry, Australian National University
Libraries, the Web, Interactive Forms and CGI Scripts

Jillian Beswick, Edith Cowan University
Overcoming the hurdles: the development of electronic library services on the Virtual Campus

Suzette Boyd and Janet Smith, Methodist Ladies’ College
Planning for the future

Margie Burn and Alan Ventress, State Library of NSW
First Steps in Cyberspace – Digitisation Projects at the State Library of New South Wales

Yvonne Butler, The Information Source
Legal resources and the internet

Tony Cargnelutti, Richard d’Avigdor and Joe Ury, University of New South Wales
KIN key indicators: decision-makng tools for managing library databases

Ted Chrisfield, La Trobe University
Networked Multimedia – The AV Librarian’s Dream Comes True

Roger Clarke, Australian National University
Virtual Chewing Gum on Virtual Library Seats? Human Behaviour in Electronic Communities

Roger Coleman and Andrew Osborne, Ipswich Global Information Centre
Turning the Traditional Public Library into a Global Information Centre

Brian Cook, Griffith University
Electronic Document Delivery for Australian Libraries and their Users: Fiction or Reality?

Walt Crawford, Research Libraries Group Mountain View, California, U.S.A.
Electronic Libraries: Dreams, Madness Reality

Terry Foster, Northern Territory Library
New Dreamings and Learnings – Development of information service for Northern Territorians – Lessons for all

Vincent Galante, Sue Grandfield and Jackie Saunders, La Trobe University
HELP Yourself to the Internet: Patron Access to the WWW at the La Trobe University Library

Paul Genoni, Curtin University of Technology and Margaret Jones, Murdoch University
Defining the virtual collection: a new model for collection development policies

Linda Groom, National Library of Australia and Karl K. Lo, University of California San Diego
Future Directions for Non-Roman Script Library Systems

Jill Haynes, National Sport Information Centre
Spinning out – fostering and co-ordinating external sites input to the web

Mr. Peter Hyland and Mrs Lynne Wright, University of Wollongong
Database Access Management: Statistical Support For Planning

Julie Johnson, Edith Cowan University
GILS: Government Information Locator Service

Dianne Jones and Paul Fritze, The University of Melbourne
Ariadne’s Thread. An Interactive Computer Assisted Training Programme, Teaching Undergraduates How to Maximise Their Use of the Library OPAC and How to Understand the Basics of Bibliography.

Professor Dr Klaus-Dieter Lehmann, Die Deutsche Bibliothek, Frankfurt
Preserving Digital Incunabula

Edward Lim, Monash University
The virtual library meets the virtual campus: strategies for the 21st century

Jan Lyall, National Library of Australia
Did we capture the rainbow? – report of a conference on the preservation of multimedia

Christine Mackenzie and Alison Trembath, Mornington Peninsula Libraries
Weaving nets to catch the wind

Maggie McElhill, State Library of New South Wales
User Education for the Online Catalogue – using qualitative research methods to evaluate the State Library’s Computer Catalogue Worktop

Anne Louise Miles, Monash University
‘All the World’s a Net!’ The Beginning of Information Superhighway Access in Melbourne’s Public Libraries: a Survey

Mary Mortimer, InfoTrain and Maxine Brodie, University of Technology NSW
Never mind the bandwidth – feel the quality! Using the backroads to train users for the information superhighway

Chew Chiat Naun, Monash University
The Thesaurus : a historical view

John Neuhaus and Geoff Hill, Southern Cross University, NSW
Library and Computer Centre Convergence in a Regional Setting : The Regional Network Infrastructure Project at Southern Cross University

John Neuhaus and Alison Ransome, Southern Cross University, NSW
Undergraduates of the Internet : An survey of the initial undergraduate use of the Internet at Southern Cross University Library

Dennis Nicholson
Project CATRIONA: Anarchy Out Of Chaos? Are Z39.50 OPACs The Answer?

Debbie Orr, Graham Black and Judith Edwards, Central Queensland University
Academic Staff and Direct Online Searching and Document Delivery at Central Queensland University

Geoff Payne, CAVAL Limited
Integration and Standards

Sylvia E A Piggott, Bank of Montreal
Implementing a Virtual Library: Are You Ready?

Lester J. Pourciau, The University of Memphis
User satisfaction and dissatisfaction with gateway access to databases in a particular library environment

Bob Pymm, National Film and Sound Archive
Yesterday’s news – the potential for automatic indexing of television news broadcasts

Janine Schmidt, The University of Queensland
REDD: an electronic document delivery model for Australia

Sue Steele and Hans Groenewegen, Monash University Library
New Technologies, Old Technologies and Libraries: the Juggling Act

Eve Stocker, City of Darebin
Personal computers for client use in public libraries: introduction of a LAN at Northcote Library

Lian Todd, Victoria University of Technology
Implementing a CDROM Network Across a WAN: Watch the Trip Wire

Andrew Treloar, Deakin University
Better than Print? Hypermedia Scholarly Publishing and the World Wide Web

Dr G├╝lten S. Wagner, Edith Cowan University
Surfing with boolean! Where are the challengers?

Eric Wainwright, National Library of Australia
Library impacts of information mainstreaming, some Australian policy perspectives

Ian Walker, Search Tech Pty Ltd
Imaging Alternatives – cases, collections and costs

Kerry Webb, National Library of Australia
Provision of Australian Government Information on the Internet