VALA1981 Proceedings

vala81 cover logo 150The VALA1981 1st Biennial Conference and Exhibition was held at the Medical Centre, University of Melbourne, Melbourne, Australia from 16 – 18 November 1981. The theme for this conference was Meeting the Challenge of Technology (Volume 1 contents and Volume 2 contents).

The following papers were presented at VALA1981.

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Mr. C.L. BagleyFlinders University of South Australia
Systems design for a computer-literate community

Harrison Bryan, National Library of Australia
National policy and programmes for meeting the challenge of technology

Tral Cash, Computer Power
Future Information Technology

Ann Clarkson and Rob Gillon, M.I.M. Holdings Limited
The M.I.M. Library using Status

Graham Dudley, Public Libraries Division Library Council of Victoria
Meeting the challenge of technology in Victorian Public Libraries

Colin Freeman, Computer Power, Canberra
Free text information retrieval systems; the package approach – management tools for the eighties

Richard J. Goodram, University of Tasmania
Selecting a Library Computer Package

Hans W. Groenewegen, CAVAL Limited
The Management of Cooperative Networks

David J. Harper, CSIRO Division of Computing Research and John D. Shortridge, CSIRO Central Information Service
Commercial Information Retrieval Systems: Present Performance, Future Trends

Allan Horton, University Librarian, University of N.S.W.
Management response to technological change: Data processing is too important to leave to Data Processors! 

J. M. Jelbart
The role of and prospects for in-house computer systems and co-operative networks in relation to national system

C.D. Jilovsky, La Trobe University, Victoria
Potential Use and Problems of Using Commercial Data Base Management Packages for Library Applications

Barry O. Jones
Social implications of an information-based economy: the role of libraries and librarians

Peter Judge
Information retrieval in Australia

Diana Killen
Future directions in information retrieval systems and their implications for users

Carmel Maguire
The development of national catalogue support systems: panel discussion

Carmel Maguire
Information retrieval in Australia: panel discussion

Michael Middleton, University of New South Wales
Education for library automation and information science

Peter Nissen, The University of Adelaide
BIBLION – a local on-line catalogue designed to complement ABN

Geoffrey J. Payne
Official Welcome

D. Richards, D. Tribe, H. Ramadan, A. Wilson and H. Campbell, Telecom HQ Library, Melbourne, Victoria
The effects of on-line retrieval systems on libraries and library services

P.R. Snoxall and J.S. Hartnell, Monash University Library, Clayton, Victoria
Encoded identifiers and scanning technology library operations

G. Undy
The development of national catalogue support systems: comments for panel discussion

Kerry Webb, National Library of Australia
The development of national catalogue support systems