VALA1983 Proceedings

vala83 cover logo 150The VALA1983 2nd Biennial Conference and Exhibition was held at the Medical Centre, University of Melbourne, Melbourne, Australia from 28 November to 1 December 1983. The theme for this conference was Information Management (Volume 1 contents and Volume 2 contents).

The following papers were presented at VALA1983.

Opening remarks by the President

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Kate Alder
School libraries and computers

F. J. Austin, AWA Computer Services Pty. Ltd.
A library network or a computer network? Models for library co-operation using on-line computer systems based on database technology

Roger Allen, Managing Director, Computer Power Group Pty. Ltd.
Public information systems in Australia

Margaret Beckman, University of Guelph, Ontario, Canada
Management of information systems in a network environment 

Margaret Beckman, University of Guelph, Ontario, Canada
Online catalogue development: the Guelph experience

Marianne Broadbent and L. Barry McIntyre, RMIT
Information management promise and reality

J. A. Davidson, Chairman of the committee of inquiry into telecommunications services in Australia
Australian Telecommunication Services

Margaret A. Findlay, Australian Council for Educational Research
Constructing national databases – a centralised operation

Beverley Forbes, Department of Resources and Energy, Water Programs Branch
Constructing national databases: the streamline perspective

John A. Gillam, Commonwealth Department of Communications
Information transfer systems:  developing the satellite options for libraries 

Dr Grahame Jackson, CSIRO Central Information Service
CSIRO Central Information Service/VALA Technical Workshop on Microcomputer-based Information Retrieval Package – Workshop Report

Peter J. Judge, Central Information, Library and Editorial Section, CSIRO
Public sector/private sector interaction in Australian information policy

Anthony Mays
Public access catalogues

vala keynote speakerIan McCallum, Information Retrieval Systems, ACI Computer Services
New products and appropriate technology

Elizabeth Morrison, Monash University
Technology, librarianship and information management

Ian Reinecke
Unbottling the genie

Hamish M. Russell and Margaret Irvine, Department of Agriculture
Development of regional information systems

Colleen Skinner, RMIT
The interlibrary loans system at RMIT

Elizabeth Spoor, WA Institute of Technology
Management information from library systems

R. S. Walsh, The South East Queensland Electricity Board and Raywal Information Management Consultants
Integrated information management: some practical considerations

Ann D. Wilson, Rosemary H. Cotter and Colleen G. Skinner, RMIT Central Library
Online information retrieval: some practical experiences