VALA1987 Proceedings

VALA1987 Cover LogoThe VALA1987 4th Biennial Conference and Exhibition was held at the Southern Cross Hotel, Melbourne, Australia from 16 – 18 November 1987. The theme for this conference was Information Futures: Tomorrow TODAY.

The following papers were presented at VALA1987.

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Katie Blake, Enterprise Information Management Pty. Ltd.
The Electronic Door: The Smart Book – a new form of information delivery

Joe Cartwright, Sony Australia Pty. Ltd.
CD-ROM: What Will It Mean?

William Cartwright, Department of Land Information, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology Ltd.
Paper Maps to Temporal Map Images: User Acceptance and User Access

Victor B. Ciesielski, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology
Artificial Intelligence: a new dimension for library automation

Dr J G (Iain) Wallace, Swinburne Institute of Technology and College of TAFE
Knowledges bases, metaphors and machine learning

Brenda Gerrie, InfoSCAN
Document Image Systems: a practical perspective

Linda W. Helgerson, Diversified Data Resources, Inc.
Optical Storage Technology

Pat Hume, Tower Technology Pty Ptd
The application of optical disk technology within the library environment

Bev Kirby, Dandenong College of TAFE
Resource based learning; now a matter of choice

Dr. Glenn Lowry, Kuring-gai College of Advanced Education
Information management through an integrated 4GL software package: skills for a new generation of professionals

Sherrey Quinn and R.E. Brindle, Australian Road Research Board
The Development of ALSIS, ARRB’s Local Street Information System

Neil A. Shaw and Richard Everett, Footscray Institute of Technology
Interactive audio in an educational library

John Shipp, University of Wollongong
PALS – A friendly alternative in library automation

Ron Stephens
CD-ROM – An Overview

Jim Stockton and Penny Braybrook, Energy Information Service Search Party, CSIRO
Do-it-yourself market research

Dennis Warren, Riverina-Murray Institute of Higher Education
A place for the CD-ROM in the college Library? The issues and some observations.