VALA1998 Proceedings

vala98 cover logo smallThe 9th VALA Biennial Conference and Exhibition was held at the Melbourne Convention Centre, Melbourne, Australia from 28 – 30 January 1998. The theme for this conference was Robots to Knowbots: the Wider Automation Agenda.

The following papers were presented at VALA1998.

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Howard Amos, Maxine Brodie and Chris Williams, State Library of New South Wales
NSW.Net: Setting the Net to secure the future of NSW public libraries

Craig AndersonYarra Plenty Regional Library
Where do you put the genre sticker in cyberspace ? – an investigation into the organization of Internet based resources.

June AndersonMonash University Clayton
Expert Systems Revisited: What was Gained and Was too much Expected?

Tony Barry, Australian National University
The Library – a collection of concepts or documents?

John Carlo Bertot, University of Maryland Baltimore County and Christine Mackenzie, Momington Peninsular Shire Council
Victoria and V.S. Public Libraries and the Internet: Issues and Strategies for the Networked Environment

Georgina Binns and Philip Branch, Monash University
Mclver (Multicampus Interactive Video Education Resource)and video-on-demand – an application in an academic environment

Maggie Bond, National Library of Australia
Embracing electronic access: renovating Conspectus for the digital era

Leanne Brandis and Jan Lyall, National Library of Australia
PADI: Preserving access to Australian information and cultural heritage in digital form

Peter Brophy, University of Central Lancashire
It may be electronic but is it any good? Measuring the performance of electronic services

Jess Burke, Queensland University of Technology
Embracing Electronic Access: Renovating Conspectus For The Digital Era: Applied At Queensland University of Technology

Tony Cargnelutti, Richard d’Avigdor and Joe Ury, University of New South Wales
Finding One’s Web Feet. Revisiting KIN: key indicators of electronic resource usage in the web environment

Dale Chatwin, Australian Bureau of Statistics
Harvesting the Lotus: developing, managing and delivering library services in a Lotus Notes environment

Doug Coulson and Martin Fisk, Aurora Information Technology
Opening your multilingual database collections to your patrons

David Cunnington, University of Melbourne
Building Better Gateways: Buddy at the University of Melbourne Library

David Foott, Monash University, Bob Forbes, VICNET and Marc Teichtahl, State Library of Victoria
IP addressing, the world of switching and routing,and managing the network

Catherine Gilbert, Parliamentary Library, Canberra
Who, What and When: Client request/job tracking systems for parliamentary libraries and beyond

Judith Greenaway, Griffith University
Interlending and Document Delivery: the Way Forward

Chris Hannan, State Library of Victoria
Desk top clients: is the network computer an accountant’s dream or a system/network manager’s nightmare?

Gary Hardy, State Library of Victoria and Deidre Lowe, Geac Computers
Getting beyond the “read-only” paradigm

David Hawking, Australian National University and Kerry Webb, CSIRO Centre for Mathematics and Information Science
Coping with Growing Collections of Electronic Text

Renato lannella, DSTC
Mostly Metadata: A Bit of Smarter Technology

Maggie Jones and Colin Webb, National Library of Australia
Electronic Publications and the survival of information

Dr Alex Klugkist, University of Groningen
Libraries, digital collections and electronic publishing

Graeme Knox, RMIT
And Where does NetWare fit?

Indra Kurzeme, State Library of Victoria
Cultural Organisations and Multimedia: what does the customer really want?

Terja Lange, Thorux Pty Ltd
The Unix guru’s view

Bryn Lewis, La Trobe University
Use of artificial intelligence in subject classification

Dr David Lindley and Dr Irfan Ahas, Charles Sturt University and Dr Concepcion S. Wilson, University of New South Wales
A project to discover new knowledge from document collections such as news wire databases

Deidre Lowe, Geac Computers
Putting on a public face: developing an integrated interface to electronic resources

Christine Mackenzie and Leigh Oldmeadow, Mornington Peninsula Shire Council
From records to information services: a journey towards knowledge management

Debbie Orr and Margaret Appleton, Central Queensland University
Management issues surrounding unmediated document delivery at Central Queensland University

Janine Schmidt, The University of Queensland and Hamilton Wilson, Wilson Architects
Designing the real virtual library: an overview of the preparation of an upgrade for the University of Queensland Library

Iain Scott, ADX 2 Consulting Pty Ltd
Building for Wire Speed: Preparing for the LANs and WANs of Tomorrow

Lloyd Sokvitne, State Library of Tasmania
Tasmania Online – issues in the delivery of a State-based Internet indexing service

Sue Steele, Monash University
The Electronic Resources Directory: extending the library catalogue

Roy Tennant, University of California, Berkeley
Strategies for Building 21st Century Libraries and Librarians

Andrew Treloar, Deakin University
Technology as Agent for Transformation: Five Case-Studies of University Libraries as Facilitators for Electronic Scholarly Publishing

Alison Trembath and Suzanne Chapman, Mornington Peninsula Libraries
The Intuitive GUI – do the public find it so?

Joan Tucker, CAVAL and Craige Hicks, Deakin University
CIDER: CAVAL Information Delivery and Electronic Requesting

Dr Nigel Ward and Andrew Wood, CRC for Distributed Systems Technology
Emerging Technologies for Networked Information Discovery: Beyond Z39.50

Mr Kerry Webb and Dr Jordi Robert-Ribes, CSIRO Mathematical and Information Sciences
Medium well done: finding better ways to access video and audio archives

Andrew Wells, Judith Pearce, Linda Groom and Bronwyn Lee, National Library of Australia
Connecting and sharing: the emerging role of Z39.50 in library networks

David Wells, Curtin University of Technology
Multi-Script and Multi-Language Bibliographic Databases: Some Japanese Perspectives

Deborah Woodyard, National Library of Australia
Farewell my floppy: a strategy for migration of digital information

Tom Worthington, Australian Computer Society
Information Professions Working Together

Stephen Young, The University of Melbourne
The NT Pragmatist’s line