VALA2008 Session 4 Beaumont

VALA2008Conversations or evidence – an analysis of responses from members of the public to an invitation to submit their comments about State Library of Victoria images available over the Web

VALA 2008 CONCURRENT SESSION 4: Engaging Communities
Tuesday 5 February 2008, 15:10 – 15:40
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VALA Peer Reviewed PaperAnne Beaumont

Digital Systems Analyst, State Library of Victoria

Kelly Gardiner

Web Services Manager, State Library of Victoria

Stuart Flanagan

Senior Web Applications Developer, State Library of Victoria

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In late 2005 the State Library of Victoria made a small change to the page on which its images were displayed over the Web. It added a link to a form which allowed the public to send comments on an image to the State Library of Victoria. The size and variety of the response was totally unexpected. As a result of this and because of a growing awareness of the discussion about Library 2.0, the development of ‘communities’, and a need to devise a way to manage the responses in line with library values in regard to privacy, authenticity of information and engagement a project was devised to analyse the responses. Results of this analysis are presented with example comments followed by a brief discussion on future plans for the project.