VALA2008 Plenary 5 Wroblewski

VALA2008 Keynote SpeakerDesigning for today’s Web

VALA 2008 PLENARY 5: Luke Wroblewski
Luke WroblewskiThursday 7 February 2008 09:00 – 10:15
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Luke Wroblewski

Senior Principal of Product Ideation & Design, Yahoo! Inc. and Principal of LukeW Interface Designs, USA, and

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In this presentation, Luke will dissect several important trends on the Web and their impact on the design of Web-based services and products. In particular: the trend from locomotion to manipulation and conversation (how to deal with crowded shelf space and purely digital services); the trend from sites to content experiences (how do we design when search, content aggregators, and display surfaces rule the Web); the trend from page-level interactions to micro-interactions (how can we explain available actions and their state); the move from only webmasters making content to everyone making content (what does this do to creative control). Addressing these trends is at the core of designing for today’s Web.