VALA2006 Session 2 Borchert

VALA2006Changing user behaviour using a digital repository system

VALA 2006 CONCURRENT SESSION 2: Digital Repositories
Wednesday 8 February 2006, 11:55 – 12:30
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VALA Peer Reviewed PaperMartin Borchert

Associate Director, Access Services, Information Services, Griffith University

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Griffith University is developing a digital repository system using HarvestRoad Hive software to better meet the needs of academics and students using institutional learning and teaching, course readings, and institutional intellectual capital systems. Issues with current operations and systems are discussed in terms of user behaviour. New repository systems are being designed in such a way that they address current service and user behaviour issues by closely aligning systems with user needs. By developing attractive online services, Griffith is working to change current user behaviour to achieve strategic priorities in the sharing and reuse of learning objects, improved selection and use of digitised course readings, the development of ePrint and eScience services, and the management of a research portfolio service.