VALA2006 Plenary 2 Payette

VALA2006 Keynote SpeakerChoosing technology that can evolve with user needs: a service-oriented approach to e-research, e-scholarship and advanced scholarly publication

Sandy PayetteVALA 2008 PLENARY 2: Sandy Payette
Wednesday 8 February 2006, 16:10 – 17:25
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Sandy Payette

Researcher and Co-Director of the Fedora Project, Cornell Information Science, Cornell University, USA and

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Emerging trends in the processes of scholarly research and scholarly communication present significant challenges to libraries and other information-oriented institutions in terms of choosing technologies that best position for the future. The challenge of “connecting with users” has typically been associated with the most visible layer of an information system: the user interface itself. At the same time, it is essential that we understand how the choice of technologies that lie beneath this visible layer will reverberate throughout a system, ultimately enabling or disabling users in their creation, manipulation, and use of information resources. This is especially true over time as user needs change, and information must be re-used and repurposed for new or evolving contexts. The significance of service-oriented architectures, with Fedora as an example, is discussed in the context of meeting user requirements in the areas of institutional repositories, scholarly publication, e-research, and e-scholarship applications.