VALA2006 Plenary 1 McCarty

VALA2006 Keynote SpeakerIndividual matrix, communal workshop and “the living condition of the human mind”

Wilard McCartyVALA 2008 PLENARY 1: Willard McCarty
Wednesday 8 February 2006, 09:00 – 10:15
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Willard McCarty

Reader in Humanities Computing, King’s College London, UK

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In this lecture I reflect critically on my bookish experiences as a scholar from the perspective of humanities computing. I ask, how does a digitally adept scholar tend to relate to libraries and what might be extrapolated from this relation? The Web increasingly seems to be undermining the relation between scholar and library. Hence many have begun to think of the library as an information retrieval system. Arguing strongly against such a model, I propose a reorientation centred on the epistemological question fundamental to a computing of as well as in the humanities: how do we know what we know?