VALA2004 Session 3 Solomons

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Beam me up! Supporting PDAs (Personal Digital Assistants) in medical libraries: new technology, or just another format?

Tuesday 3 February 2004, 10:45 – 11:15

Terena Solomons, 2002 VALA Travel Scholar

Library Manager, Hollywood Private Hospital Library

VALA Peer Reviewed Paper
VALA Travel Scholar

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This paper, based on a research trip to North America in 2003, which was generously sponsored by the VALA Travel Scholarship program, reports on ways in which medical libraries are supporting clinicians in the use of hand held computer technology, specifically Personal Digital Assistants PDAs. The types of services and support offered by hospital and academic health science libraries include: evaluating and selecting PDA clinical content, circulating PDA devices pre-loaded with clinical content, creating websites with links to PDA resources, conducting training sessions, facilitating PDA User Groups, and providing synching cradles and beaming stations for clients. The paper examines library initiatives for integrating new handheld computer technology to services and collections and outlines some of the licensing models for PDA- formatted content.