VALA2004 Session 12 Sutherland

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An OpenURL resolver (SFX) in action: the answer to a librarian’s prayer or a burden for technical services?

VALA 2004 CONCURRENT SESSION 12: Access to Information
Thursday 5 February 2004, 10:45 – 11:15

Alison Sutherland

Bibliographic Services Librarian, Curtin University of Technology

Peter Green

e-Library Development Librarian, Curtin University of Technology

VALA Peer Reviewed Paper

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This paper will reflect on the experience of installing, configuring and maintaining the Ex Libris’ OpenURL resolver – SFX. Particular attention will be paid to the extraordinary usefulness of this tool for gluing together the components of the resource discovery process. This paper will discuss the level of staffing required to maintain the resolver service, the skill sets required by those staff and the place of an OpenURL resolver within the extended ILMS. Finally the authors will speculate on the future of such a service within the portfolio of online services offered by a university library.