VALA2004 Session 10 Denison

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Breaking ground: library systems implementation in Vietnam

Thursday 5 February 2004, 11:55 – 12:30

Tom Denison

White Room Electronic Publishing Pty. Ltd.

Michael Robinson

Director, Library & Learning Resource Centre Projects, RMIT Vietnam

VALA Peer Reviewed Paper

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With few exceptions most Vietnamese libraries are underdeveloped and struggling to provide adequate resources, although there are some notable exceptions such as the National Library of Vietnam, NACESTID (National Centre for Science and Technology Information and Documentation) and some academic libraries. In this environment, RMIT International University Vietnam’s work in developing a number of Learning Resource Centres (LRCs) on behalf of local universities is making a major contribution to the educational infrastructure of the country. The purpose of this paper is to look at the current state of automation in Vietnam and, largely drawing on the experience of these projects, to highlight a number of issues that have arisen. In particular, it will consider the issue of sustainability and some of the factors that contribute to it. To do this, it will first provide some background to the projects being undertaken, followed by an overview of the market for integrated library management systems.