VALA2002 Plenary 6 Besser

VALA Keynote speaker

Moving from Isolated Digital Collections to Interoperable Digital Libraries

VALA 2002 PLENARY 6: Howard Besser
Friday 8 February 2002, 17:00 – 18:30
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Howard Besser

UCLA School of Education & Information Studies

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Online collections do not yet function like conventional libraries. Many digital collections are experimental and lack service components, and few have preservation components. The function of searching across collections is a dream frequently discussed but seldom realized at a robust level. This paper discusses how we might move from isolated digital collections to interoperable digital libraries. It first examines how early efforts to construct digital collections were perceived as experiments rather than operational libraries. It then discusses various conventional library components that are necessary to deployment of operational digital libraries. Finally, the author points to functions (such as infrastructure, robust metadata, and preservation components) that can be deployed to move us from isolated digital collections to interoperable digital libraries.


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