VALA2000 Session 7 Kolandaisamy

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Moving towards 24-hour support.

VALA 2000 CONCURRENT SESSION 7: Flexible Delivery
Thursday 17 February 2000, 15:10 – 15:40

Dr Matilda Kolandaisamy

Supervisor, IT Customer Support Macquarie University Library, Sydney, Australia

Dr Malcolm Keech

Information Technology Services, London School of Economics, London, UK

VALA Peer Reviewed Paper

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The academic institution of today is becoming increasingly involved in the electronic delivery of programmes to learners who are geographically dispersed. At the same time, Internet use from home by internal and external students is rapidly expanding. The surge in demand for 24-hour access to IT-based facilities by students and staff off-campus has made the expansion of current services a strategic imperative. This paper suggests a particular solution to the problem of meeting the growing needs of remote users through extending information services by innovative, collaborative efforts with universities worldwide.