VALA2000 Session 3 Mercieca

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The Publisher and the library: converging professions or the start of the true hybrid library

VALA 2000 CONCURRENT SESSION 3: Electronic Publishing
Wednesday 16 February 2000, 11:20 – 11:50

Paul Mercieca

Publishing and Consultancy Manager, RMIT Publishing

VALA Peer Reviewed Paper

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Libraries have always been adopters of new technology and the integration of such technology has enhanced the range of services and resources that can be supplied from a single library. The traditional publisher may have been lagging behind in the adoption of new technologies and it is only in recent times that publishers are using digital delivery to enhance their print-based titles. However, as the publisher is the holder of copyright to a large body of information, they could enter into competition with libraries by providing direct access to this content. This paper explores whether, in the digital age, the publisher and library are competitors or whether the real need is for synergy and partnership to create a critical mass of Australian digital content.