VALA2000 Session 2 Chandon

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SAFECommerce: Ensuring Online Authenticity of Transactions

Wednesday 16 February 2000, 11:20 – 11:50

Luce Chandon

E-Commerce Analyst, Com Tech Communications

Chris Martin

Strategic Consultant, Com Tech Communications

VALA Peer Reviewed Paper

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eCommerce heralds a revolution in which businesses interact, collaborate and communicate electronically. Typically, this is based on the Internet; a global public network in which chaos seems to reign supreme.

Companies at the forefront of the eCommerce revolution are developing business strategies that incorporate advanced technologies to redefine industries to their advantage. Many of the fastest growing companies operate solely as an eBusiness. Many global enterprises are now recognising that the development of a sound eCommerce strategy is not just a prerequisite to remaining competitive – it is paramount to survival. As a result, every company is faced with the question of how to rapidly grow and extend their eBusiness, at the same time ensuring that all interactions are authenticated and can be audited.

Dealing with this transformation, or making use of the revolution to one’s competitive advantage, requires transcending the technology landscape. SAFECommerce involves underpinning an eBusiness with a set of services that allow for a secure foundation to be built upon. It is essential that the development of an eBusiness incorporates services that track its complete lifecycle from developing an eBusiness concept through to implementing a solution and finally to transforming it as the marketplace demands.