VALA2000 Session 15 Roberts

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Information literacy in the virtual library

VALA 2000 CONCURRENT SESSION 15: Accessibility
Friday 18 February 2000, 14:35 – 15:05

Susan Roberts

Reference Librarian, Swinburne University of Technology, Lilydale Campus

VALA Peer Reviewed Paper

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Multi-modal learning is a feature of educational provision at Swinburne University of Technology’s Lilydale Campus. Academic staff expect a high level of computer and information literacy from all students, and also have the expectation that library staff are well equipped to support this. To that end, library staff are responsible for the design, delivery and assessment of a module in a core subject that must be taken by all first year students, regardless of their course. This paper provides some background to this situation, looking first at the campus background, the nature of the library and its services, expectations of academic staff, and the library’s profile in course delivery. From our experiences at Lilydale campus, library staff have most definitely been called on to play a dynamic role.