VALA2000 Session 12 Wallis

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Use of information technology for direct service provision to people with print disabilities.

VALA 2000 CONCURRENT SESSION 12: Accessibility
Friday 18 February 2000, 11:20 – 11:50

Leslie Wallis

Manager, Information Techonology, RVIB

Jillian Morley

Deputy Manager, RVIB Library and Information Services

Linley Wallis

General Manager, RVIB Library and Information Services

VALA Peer Reviewed Paper

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RVIB Library and Information Services provide a range of services to people with print disabilities throughout Australia. Staff at RVIB are constantly researching and developing products which can provide users with improved and independent access to information. This paper discusses two initiatives which RVIB hopes will help revolutionize the way people with print disabilities access information. These initiatives are

  • giving users the ability to order books while searching the library’s OPAC remotely and at the same time sample and access full text files of audio, braille and text formatted for large print and,
  • the convergence of text, braille and audio files in one format or medium. The DAISY project – (Digitized Audio-Based Information System) integrates digital audio and text files on CD-ROM.