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On Monday 6th February 2012, VALA presented the VALA2012 L-Plate Series. This series of introductory sessions focused on the technologies that were discussed during the VALA2012 conference. Designed to help delegates brush up their knowledge and enhance their Conference experience the VALA2012 L-Plate Series was held on the Monday afternoon preceeding the conference. This series was free to all registered VALA2012 Conference delegates.

RMIT Publishing / VALAtech BOOT CAMP

If the VALA L-Plate Series is a fun way to brush up on your knowledge, the RMIT Publishing/VALAtech Boot Camp is a series of day and half-day high-end technical and practical sessions. Book into these interactive sessions (no passive participation here) and expand your knowledge of some of the key and emerging technologies used today. As a high-end practical stream, a core level of technical knowledge is required. Participants are also asked to bring their notebooks / netbooks. The RMIT Publishing/VALAtech Boot Camp is free to delegates and spaces are strictly limited. The RMIT Publishing/VALAtech Boot Camp runs from Monday 6 – Thursday 9 February 2012.


Monday 6 February 2012

1200 – 1745 Registration

RMIT Publishing / VALAtech Boot Camp
0900 – 1300 Session A
Room: 218
#VALA2012  #BCA
0900 – 1030
Co-design an ILMS for the Future- Part 1
1030 – 1100“Morning Tea
1100 – 1300Co-design an ILMS for the Future – Part 2
1300 – 1400Lunch – Provide Your Own
1400 – 1700 Session B
Room: 218
#VALA2012  #BCB
1400 – 1530Using mobile and social media to enrich the visitor experience – Part 1
1530 – 1600Afternoon Tea
1600 – 1700Using mobile and social media to enrich the visitor experience – Part 2
VALA2012 L-Plate Series
Room 212
#VALA2012  #LPL
1300 – 1330L-Plate Session 1
Tablets vs Netbooks / Notebooks
1330 – 1400 L-Plate Session 2
Cloud Computing 101
1400 – 1430 L-Plate Session 3
XML Exposed
1430 – 1500 Afternoon Tea – Room 212 Foyer
1500 – 1530 L-Plate Session 4
Trove API and what it can do for you
1530 – 1615 L-Plate Session 5
Content Management Systems: Making the Choice
(Joomla vs. Drupal vs. WordPress)
1615 – 1645 L-Plate Session 6
Gaming 101
Associated Events
0930 – 1700Datasets Coordinators Meeting and Forum (for CAUL/CEIRC members only)
1400 – 1600 SciFinder information and user group session
1500 – 1700 The Current and Future State of Library Discovery and Management


Tuesday 7 February 2012

0800 – 1800Registration
0900 – 0905Opening Address and Welcome
Bart Rutherford, VALA2012 Conference Committee Chair
0905 – 1015 VALA2012 Keynote Speaker PLENARY SESSION
Room: Plenary Hall     Chair: David Feighan
Jason Griffey, University of Tennessee, Chattanooga, USA
Libraries & the Post-PC era
#VALA2012 #K1JG
1015 – 1050 Morning Tea and Exhibition Viewing – Exhibition Area
Academic Research Support
Room: 212 – 213
Chair: Geoff Payne
Room: Plenary Hall
Chair: Karen Kealy
Room: 219 – 220
Chair: Victoria Mathews
RMIT Publishing/VALAtech Boot Camp
Session C
Room: 218
1050 – 1120 Peer Reviewed
Austin McLean,
ProQuest, Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA
Global discoverability of graduate research: challenges and opportunities for researchers and librarians
(Presenter: Keith Furniss)
#VALA2012  #S1AM
Peer Reviewed
Alison Dellit and Sarah Schindeler,National Library of Australia, ACT
Trove: the terrors and triumphs of service-based social media
#VALA2012  #S2AD
Peer Reviewed
Annie Yee,RMIT University Library, Vic
Mobile technology: academic libraries in Australia and beyond.
#VALA2012  #S3AY
Drupal Basics
Facilitator: Brian Gilbert, Realityloop#VALA2012 #BCC


High-end hands-on technical session, with limited spaces. BYO notebook/netbook.

1125 – 1155Peer Reviewed
Rebecca Parker, Swinburne University of Technology, Vic
What the library did next: strengthening our visibility in research support
#VALA2012  #S1RP
Peer Reviewed
Tim Sherratt,University of Canberra, ACT
Mining the treasures of Trove: new approaches and new tools
#VALA2012  #S2TS
Peer Reviewed
Jeremy Taylor,St. Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne, Vic, Jay Glaisyer,EBSCO Australia, Sydney, NSWand Julia Ryan, State Library of New South Wales
Mobilising patient care and research:  remote and mobile access to clinical information resources via a state government portal
#VALA2012  #S3JT
1200 – 1230 Peer Reviewed
Toby Burrows  and Kate Croker, University of Western Australia
Supporting research in an era of data deluge: developing a new service portfolio within Information Services at the University of Western Australia
#VALA2012  #S1TB
Peer Reviewed
Philip Minchin,Port Phillip Library Service, Vic
Stacks of fun: games, community, libraries, technology
#VALA2012  #S2PM
Invited Paper
Felicity Gilbert
, Yarra Plenty Regional Library, Vic
From Aristotle to Siri: the augmented face of the library
#VALA2012  #S3FG
1230 – 1405 Lunch, Exhibition Viewing and VALA Showcase – Exhibition Area
The Next Generation
Room: Plenary Hall
Chair: Ailsa Dott
Room: 212 – 213
Chair: Jan Weaver
Big Ideas
Room: 219 – 220
Chair: Lynette Lewis
RMIT Publishing/VALAtech Boot Camp
Session D
Room: 218
1405 – 1435 Peer Reviewed
Ursula Henderson and Simon Pyke,University of Adelaide, SA
100% iPad guaranteed: information skills, the Library and an invigorated science programme
#VALA2012  #S4UH
Peer Reviewed
Monika Szunejko, Barbara Patison and Sarah McQuade,State Library of Western Australia
If SLURP is the answer… what’s the question?
#VALA2012  #S5MS
Peer Reviewed
Chris Kelly,Brimbank City Council, Vic
Repositioning Brimbank Libraries for 21st century service delivery
(Co-presenter: Jarrod Coyles)
#VALA2012  #S6CK
Drupal Advanced
Facilitator: Brian Gilbert, Realityloop#VALA2012  #BCD 

boot print


High-end hands-on technical session, with limited spaces. BYO notebook/netbook.

1440 – 1510Peer Reviewed
Shaun O’Dwyer and Kylie Bailin,University of New South Wales
Imagine there’s no desk
#VALA2012  #S4SO
Invited Paper
Stephen Pugh, Oranjarra Partners, USA
Harvesting relevant content: developing and applying new digital profiling methodologies and the evolution of commercial discovery, acquisition and access services
#VALA2012  #S5SP
Peer Reviewed
Laurie Atkinson and Bernie Lewin,Department of Treasury and Finance Victoria
The big bang: establishing the Victorian Government Library Service
#VALA2012  #S6LA
1515 – 1545 Peer Reviewed
Paul Mercieca,RMIT University, Vic
Social media as an education platform: teaching through Facebook
#VALA2012  #S4PM
Peer Reviewed
Edmund Balnaves,Prosentient Systems, NSW
Reigniting the OPAC as a metadata hub
#VALA2012  #S5EB
Peer Reviewed
Sharee Crocker,Deakin University, Vic
Engaging student spaces: library in the Deakin Online Learning Environment
#VALA2012  #S6SC
1545 – 1620 Afternoon Tea, Exhibition Viewing and VALA Showcase – Exhibition Area
1620 – 1730VALA2012 Keynote SpeakerPLENARY SESSION
Room: Plenary Hall    Chair: Lian Todd
Xiaolin Zhang, National Science Library of Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
eMpowering e-Science, eMpowering libraries
#VALA2012  #K2XZ
1730 – 1900 Welcome Reception – Exhibition Area


Wednesday 8 February 2012

0800 – 1800 Registration
0845 – 0955 VALA2012 Keynote SpeakerPLENARY SESSION:
Room: Plenary Hall    Chair: Ebe Kartus
Eric Miller, Zepheira Inc, USA
Linked data – weaving the web of libraries, museums and archives
#VALA2012  #K3EM
0955 – 1030 Morning Tea, Exhibition Viewing and VALA Showcase – Exhibition Area
Room: 212
Chair: Jan Weaver
Room: 213
Chair: Julie Gardner
Room: 218
Chair: Jeremy Taylor
Room: 219
Chair: John Terrell
Room: 220
Chair: Tom Edwards
Facilitating advanced research in science and engineering
Kanopy Streaming Service – revolutionising academic VOD
Introducing the Independent Scholarly Publishers Group
Mixing and mashing on the WorldShare platform
3M Australia
Independence with RFID
1045 – 1057Serials Solutions – a ProQuest business
A first peek at Serials Solutions web-scale management solution
Ebook Library
An overview of EBL and DDA
IGI Global
All about IGI Global
Project MUSE
Project MUSE: books and journals together in an integrated interface
Empowering patrons: library self-service solutions
1100 – 1112ebrary – a ProQuest company
Downloading with ebrary
Oxford University Press
Highlights of 2012
EBSCO Publishing update: discovery, ebooks and Wilson “Super” databases
Casalini Libri
Torrossa: the first platform dedicated to scholarly content from Italy, Spain and Portugal
FE Technologies
Minimising touch with the Smart Shelf on hold solution
1115 – 1127DA Information Services
Integrating eFutures today
Cambridge University Press
Cambridge online collections
Elsevier Science & Technology
e-Trends @ Elsevier: emPOWERING you to stay ahead
Gale – Cengage Learning
Nineteenth Century Collections Online – it’s elementary, my dear Watson!
Unique Management Services
Material recovery of long overdue materials in a Gentle Nudge way
1130 – 1142DA Information Services
Bolinda Digital
Bolinda digital 2012
Britannica Digital Learning
Britannica Image Quest
Emerald Group Publishing
Emerald – into the Zone
Liberty v5 Presentation – find out how Softlink’s latest Library Management System can assist with your information sharing
1145 – 1157DA Information Services
SAGE Publications Asia-Pacific
SAGE knowledge
Britannica Digital Learning
Euromonitor International
Where do healthy people live in the world? – New findings from Passport Survey
Maxus Australia
Social knowledge management best practice
1200 – 1212OCLC
WorldShare: manage your library not your technology
Springer Book Archive: an introduction
IGroup (Australasia)
American Chemical Society – ACS Update
Thomson Reuters
Exploring the citation universe
Civica Library & Learning
Libraries, patrons and ebooks
1215 – 1227National Library of Australia
Digital volcanoes and data flows
Wheelers Books
ePlatform – eBook Library lending platform
IGroup (Australasia)
Thomson Reuters
Civica Library & Learning
1230 – 1345 Lunch, Exhibition Viewing and VALA Showcase – Exhibition Area
Spaces, Physical and Virtual
Room: 212 – 213
Chair: Lynette Brown
New Directions
Room: 219 -220
Chair:Julie Gardner
Room: Plenary Hall
Chair: Alison Morin
1345 – 1415Peer Reviewed
Jennifer Peasley,Macquarie University Library, NSW
Demystifying automated retrieval systems: the clients’ perspective
#VALA2012  #S7JP
Helen Livingston,University of South Australia
What is the catalogue?
#VALA2012  #S8HL
Peer Reviewed
Alison Neil,University of New South Wales
Approval of ‘E’: fuss free selection and acquisition
#VALA2012  #S9AN
1420 – 1450Peer Reviewed
Jenny Ellis, Karen Kealy and Alissa Sputore,University of Melbourne, Vic
Empowering end-users: post occupancy evaluation of redesigned library spaces
#VALA2012  #S7JE
Peer Reviewed
David Feighan,Bialik College, Vic
The Internet of everything: linking the print and online collections in a school library
#VALA2012  #S8DF
Peer Reviewed
Jenny Quilliam and Eleanor Thomas, University of South Australia Library
eMpowering acquisitions in mediated selection
#VALA2012  #S9JQ
1455 – 1525Peer Reviewed
Glenn Harper, Frankston City Libraries, Vic
Cloud 9: new services and engagements
#VALA2012  #S7GH
Peer Reviewed
Bronwyn Foxall,Abbotsleigh, NSW
Change or fade away: school libraries need to provide for, and lead, educational change
#VALA2012  #S8BF
Peer Reviewed
Fiona Burton and Maureen Kattau, Macquarie University Library, NSW
Building in the ‘e’: creating the virtual bookshelf
#VALA2012  #S9FB
1525 – 1600Afternoon Tea, Exhibition Viewing and VALA Showcase – Exhibition Area
1600 – 1710VALA2012 Keynote Speaker PLENARY SESSION:
Room: Plenary Hall     Chair: Kim Tairi
Liz Lyon, UKOLN, The Library, University of Bath, Bath, UK
The informatics transform : re-engineering libraries for the Data Decade
#VALA2012  #K4LL
1900 – 2300Conference Dinner – Plaza Ballroom


Thursday 9 February 2012

0800 – 1800 Registration
0845 – 0955VALA2012 Keynote Speaker PLENARY SESSION
Room: Plenary Hall     Chair: Tom Denison
Eibhlin Roche, Guinness Storehouse, Ireland
Guinness Archive: unlocking the potential of an iconic global brand
#VALA2012  #K5ER
0955 – 1030 Morning Tea and Exhibition Viewing – Exhibition Area
eM-powering Professionals
Room: Plenary Hall
Chair: Darren Ryan
Room: 212 – 213
Chair: Jeremy Taylor
Apps and Applications
Room: 219 – 220
Chair: Tom Edwards
RMIT Publishing/VALAtech Boot Camp
Session E
Room: 218
1030 – 1100 Peer Reviewed
Helen Reid and Kim Tairi,Swinburne University of Technology, Vic
Opening up the playground: supporting library staff to learn through play
#VALA2012  #S10HR
Peer Reviewed
Claire Stent,Statistics New Zealand
Digitising historical data: that’s just scanning the tables from the books isn’t it?
#VALA2012  #S11CS
Peer Reviewed
VALA Travel ScholarTristan Badham,RMIT University, Vic
QR codes: do they provide the missing link between the physical and digital?
(VALA Travel Scholar)
#VALA2012  #S12TB
A Speed Date with Design Thinking
Facilitator: Zaana Howard, Swinburne University of Technology, Vic#VALA2012  #BCEboot print


High-end hands-on technical session, with limited spaces. BYO notebook/netbook.

1105 – 1135Peer Reviewed
Ralph Kiel and Frances O’Neil, Victoria University, Vic and Jen Scantlebury,Cocoon Consulting, Vic
Brave new habits: evaluation of a library leadership program for a culture of innovation and creative contribution
#VALA2012  #S10RK
Peer Reviewed
Robin Wright,Swinburne University of Technology, Vic
Libraries and licensing: the eFuture will need legal as well as technical skills
#VALA2012  #S11RW
Peer Reviewed
Margaret Warren, State Library of Queensland and Richard Hayward,State Library of Victoria
Hacking the nation: Libraryhack and community-created apps
#VALA2012  #S12MW
1140 – 1210 Peer Reviewed
Jennifer Hardware,Griffith University, Qld
Where to next? A case study of the development of a Career Pathing Tool for Information Services, Griffith University
#VALA2012  #S10JH
Peer Reviewed
Kathryn Greenhill,Curtin University, WAand Constance Wiebrands,Edith Cowan University Library, WA
No library required: the free and easy backwaters of online content sharing
#VALA2012  #S11KG
Peer Reviewed
Peter Neish, Parliament of Victoria
Harvesting and semantically tagging media releases from political websites using web services
#VALA2012  #S12PN
1210 – 1345 Lunch, Exhibition Viewing and VALA Showcase – Exhibition Area
Room: Plenary Hall
Chair: Lynette Lewis
Museum Connections
Room: 219 – 220
Chair: John Terrell
On Demand
Room: 212 – 213
Chair: Baden Hughes
RMIT Publishing/VALAtech Boot Camp
Session F
1345 – 1415 Peer Reviewed
Lisa Smith and Steven Yates, Monash University Library, Vic
Online learning: eM-powering eFutures through developing staff capability at Monash University Library
#VALA2012  #S13LS
Peer Reviewed
Ingrid Mason,Intersect Australia Ltd / Australian National Data Service, NSW
Are the GLAMs going to bring a steampunk/neo-Victorian sensibility and aesthetic to Linked Open Data?
#VALA2012  #S14IM
Peer Reviewed
David Wells and Diana Blackwood,Curtin University Library, WA
Streamed video in an academic library: expectations, challenges and response
#VALA2012  #S15DW
Working with the Trove API
Facilitator: Paul Hagon, National Library of Australia#VALA2012  #BCFboot print


High-end hands-on technical session, with limited spaces. BYO notebook/netbook.

1420 – 1450Peer Reviewed
Ellen Forsyth,State Library of New South Wales
Playing at professional development?
#VALA2012  #S13EF
Peer Reviewed
Elycia Wallis and Dave Matthews,Museum Victoria
Collaborating locally, contributing globally: the Biodiversity Heritage Library in Australia
#VALA2012  #S14EW
Peer Reviewed
Ryan Weymouth,University of Queensland Library
What’s on the telly? Delivery of offair television content to students via online video streaming at the University of Queensland
#VALA2012  #S15RW
1455 – 1525 Peer Reviewed
Jemima McDonald and Sophie McDonald,Blake Library, University of Technology, Sydney, NSW
Developing literacies and building a learning community at UTS Library
#VALA2012  #S13JM
Peer Reviewed
Robyn Van Dyk and Theresa Cronk,Australian War Memorial, ACT
Anzacs Online: starting a new major digitisation project
#VALA2012  #S14RV
Peer Reviewed
Rita Ellul, Department of Education and Early Childhood Development, VIC and Indra Kurzeme, State Library of Victoria
Lighting the FUSE: innovation and partnerships
#VALA2012  #S15RE
1525 – 1555 Afternoon Tea and Exhibition Viewing – Exhibition Area
1555 – 1705VALA2012 Keynote Speaker PLENARY SESSION:
Room: Plenary Hall     Chair: Michelle McLean
Eli Neiburger, Ann Arbor District Library, USA
Access, schmaccess: libraries in the Age of Information Ubiquity
#VALA2012  #K6EN
1705 – 1710CLOSING:
Lian Todd, VALA President and Bart Rutherford, VALA2012 Conference Committee Chair
1710 – 1830 Farewell Refreshments


Friday 10 February 2012

Associated Events
0900 – 1730ANZREG
Australia New Zealand Regional Ex Libris Group Seminar
IEEE User Group
Inaugural Australia New Zealand IE User Group Meeting
0930 – 1630Library Camp Australia
Library Camp Australia Unconference