VALA2012 Session 11 Wright

VALA2012 Session 11 Wright

Libraries and licensing: the eFuture will require legal as well as technical skills

VALA2012 CONCURRENT SESSION 11: Digitisation
Thursday 9 February 2012, 11:05 – 11:35
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Robin Wright

Swinburne University of Technology, VIC

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In the eFuture, interactions between a library and its clients will increasingly be mediated through the terms of commercial licensing agreements, rather than under exceptions in copyright legislation. Libraries will need to manage a shifting web of licensed access and usage rights, controlled by legal, and often also technical, mechanisms, rather than operating under a single rights regime applying to their whole collection. This may require changes to existing library services, based on copyright law. This paper reviews a small selection of licence agreements for the delivery of online or eBook resources by Australian academic libraries and considers some administrative and policy issues that may arise when libraries move from purchasing collections of hard copy monographs to providing licensed access to electronic media.

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