Keynote Speakers


Jason GriffeyJason Griffey

Associate Professor and Head of Library Information Technology, University of Tennessee, Chattanooga, USA

Jason Griffey is Associate Professor and Head of Library Information Technology at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. Jason is a librarian, technologist, writer and speaker. His latest book, Mobile Technologies and Libraries, is now available as a part of Neal Schuman’s Tech Set, the winner of the ALA 2011 Award for the Best Book in Library Literature.  Jason’s previous book was Library Blogging, with Karen A Coombs. He is the author of the American Libraries Perpetual Beta blog, and is also a columnist for the ALA Techsource blog. Jason was named a Library Journal Mover & Shaker in 2009, and is regularly invited to speak on the future of libraries, mobile technology, eBooks, and other technology related issues.


Liz LyonLiz Lyon

Director, UKOLN, The Library, University of Bath, Bath, UK

Liz Lyon is the Director of UKOLN at the University of Bath UK, where she leads work to promote synergies between digital libraries and open science environments.  She is Associate Director of the UK Digital Curation Centre, in which UKOLN is a partner. Dr Lyon is also author of a number of major direction-setting reports including “Open Science at Web-Scale Report: Optimising Participation and Predictive Potential (2009)”, “Scaling Up (2008)” and “Dealing with Data (2007)”. Liz has led a series of pioneering research data management projects: eBank, eCrystals Federation, Infrastructure for Integration in Structural Sciences (I2S2), SageCite, Patients Participate! and Developing a Community Capability Model for Data-Intensive Research, all of which have explored links between research data, scholarly communications and open science. She has a doctorate in cellular biochemistry and has worked in various University libraries.


Eric MillerEric Miller

Co-founder and President, Zepheira Inc, Reston, USA

Eric Miller is co-founder and president of Zepheira Inc, which provides solutions to effectively integrate, navigate and manage information across boundaries of person, group and enterprise. Until 2007, Eric led the Semantic Web Initiative for the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) at MIT. Eric’s responsibilities for W3C included the architectural and technical leadership in the design and evolution of the Semantic Web. He also worked with W3C members to develop global Web standards and conventions that support Semantic Web requirements. Eric served as a Research Scientist at MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, where he was a Principal Investigator on the MIT SIMILE project. Previously, Eric was a Senior Research Scientist at OCLC, Inc. and the co-founder and Associate Director of the Dublin Core Metadata Initiative.


Eli NeiburgerEli Neiburger

Associate Director, IT and Production Ann Arbor, USA

Eli Neiburger joined the staff of the Ann Arbor District Library as a helpdesk technician in 1997 and has been reponsible for AADL’s technology program since 2000. In his current role, Eli is responsible for technology planning, software development, digitization, events, and marketing. He’s the author of GAMERS… in the LIBRARY?! published in 2007 by ALA Editions, and has spoken across the US and Europe about gaming, blogs, the web, and ebooks in libraries. He serves on the board of Bricks for Brains (a small LEGO Education nonprofit), Library Renewal (working to develop econtent solutions that work for libraries) and is the chairman of the Jhai Foundation, working to bring internet-powered telemedicine and economic development to rural communities in the developing world.


Eibhlin RocheEibhlin Roche

Guinness Archivist, Guinness Storehouse, Dublin, Ireland

Eibhlin Roche is the Manager of the Guinness Archive, located in Guinness Storehouse, Home of GUINNESS® in Dublin ( The Guinness Archive is the only corporate Archive open to the public in Ireland and is recognised as a leading example of a corporate brand archive. As Company Archivist, Eibhlin is responsible for the acquisition, cataloguing, preservation and access to the Guinness Archive collection. This collection, a ‘treasure chest’ of Guinness history, reflects the heritage of the Guinness brand, company and product from 1759 to the present day and has a wide range of users. Eibhlin curates and is responsible for the content redevelopment of many of the exhibitions within the Guinness Storehouse Visitor Experience, Ireland’s No.1 international visitor attraction, and works closely with the Guinness Global Marketing teams in the promotion of the brand’s heritage.


Xiaolin ZhangXiaolin Zhang

Executive Director, National Science Library of Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

Xiaolin Zhang is Executive Director of the National Science Library of Chinese Academy of Sciences, one of the largest research libraries in China. He has also been active at the national level for coordinated and collaborative development of digital libraries, for strategic planning of the National Scientific Information Platform, for promotion and experimentation of knowledge-oriented services, and for leading the national effort in digital library standards. He led the large scale study of copyright issues and policies for the Chinese Science Digital Library, was one of the first to be involved in the Open Access movement, and was instrumental in organising Chinese studies on digital preservation policies and infrastructure. Formerly a Governing Board Member of IFLA, he has been a Standing Committee Member of the Asia and Oceania Section since 2009. He is now the President of the Chinese Special Library Association.