VALA2022 Reviewing

Call for Reviewers

In an international EOI process, VALA2022 is seeking skilled people interested in the important role of independent reviewer for the VALA2022 conference papers.

Papers presented in the Concurrent Sessions at VALA Biennial Conference have the opportunity for peer review by at least two reviewers in a single-blind review process, and those that meet our standards are awarded the “Peer-Reviewed” logo.

VALA conference papers are of 2,500-4,000 words.

 VALA2022 Review Timeline:-

The full paper review process will run from 6 September – 29 November 2021, and the key periods for reviewers are highlighted as follows:

  • 13 September 2021: Deadline for submission of papers
  • From 20 September: Version 1 Papers distributed to at least 2 reviewers, reviewers asked to complete the task within 2 weeks of receiving the papers.
  • 11 October: All first reviews due.
  • From 25 October: Version 2 Papers redistributed to original reviewers; read, rate and comment within 2 weeks of receiving revised paper/s.
  • 29 November: Final date for all reviews

It is possible that a small number of papers may present the opportunity to commence the review process early, or the need to complete it late. These will be discussed and negotiated as exceptions and as required with individual reviewers. In most cases, the timeline above will be honoured.

VALA’s aim is to distribute papers evenly amongst reviewers, and according to each reviewer’s areas of skill.

How to Register your Interest:

If you are interested in being considered for the review panel, we would like you to do the following:

  • Consider the Review Timeline above and ensure that you are available to participate in the review process between September and November 2021.
  • CLICK HERE to access the Reviewing Skills Form and complete all sections, to help with gathering information about your skills (this should take around 10 minutes). Even if you have reviewed for VALA before, we ask that you please complete this task; skill areas and contact details change and it is important that we have your current details.
  • Complete the online process ASAP and no later than 30 August 2021.

Please note that this is an EOI process, with no guarantee that we will allocate papers to all those who apply; every effort will be made to achieve best match between papers and reviewers, equity of workload and to avoid potential conflict of interest.

 Reviewer Instructions:

Guidelines will be provided to reviewers upon allocation of papers and will also be available on the VALA2022 Website. Some key aspects of the reviewer role are to:

  • Provide valuable feedback that will guide authors to improve the quality of their final paper
  • Support the development of leading-edge papers that will generate discussion and debate
  • Assess and rate papers on their content, relevance and presentation

 Reviewer Identity:

Please note that reviewer anonymity to the authors will be maintained throughout the review process.


Call for Mentors

Mentor Program

The purpose of the VALA2022 Mentoring Program is to partner an experienced volunteer within the VALA network with a less experienced VALA2022 content presenter, to share knowledge, guidance and advice that will enhance the experience and the outcome of presenting content on the VALA conference program.

The Program is launched for VALA2022 in recognition of the new challenges posed by isolation and uncertainty for traditional and workplace-based professional growth, support, networking and development.  Every accepted presenter on the VALA2022 Conference Program is welcome to seek a mentor, but the primary focus is to support and encourage first-time presenters.

Note:  VALA2022 Mentors may be able to offer advice on how to construct a paper, but the review of content, if required, will be undertaken by the Peer Review process.

What Type of Mentoring?

Distance Mentoring – for practical and health and safety reasons, all VALA2022 mentoring partnerships will be by distance.  Both parties are requested to be willing and available to participate “face to face” by phone and/or Zoom or similar meeting platform, and via email.

A reasonable expectation for the level of engagement would be 3-4 conversations and related email exchange during the preparation time, a “practice run” conversation close to conference and a final follow up call after the event.  Each partnership will be different though, and as long as both parties are agreed on the rules of engagement then variations from this process are fine.

This is a free service generously provided by the VALA network.


VALA Mentors will share the following characteristics:

  • Good listener
  • Nonjudgmental
  • Knowledgeable
  • Able to give constructive feedback
  • Honest and candid
  • Value diversity of perspectives
  • Flexible
  • Invested in professional and personal development
  • Responsive

Typically, VALA Mentors will have experience in the preparation and presentation of professional material in meeting and conference environments.

Call for Mentors

Experienced presenters, researchers and Library IT professionals are invited to register interest in mentoring a first-time VALA conference presenter.  If you have the characteristics listed above and time to contribute to the growth and development of a colleague, please submit your EOI for a mentoring role by completing the Mentor EOI online form before 13 September 2021.

Seeking a Mentor?

All accepted presenters at VALA2022 in any presentation format are welcome to request a mentor.  Those new to presenting are particularly encouraged to apply.  Simply complete the Mentee EOI online form before 13 September 2021.

By applying, you agree that your contact details will be shared with a mentor.