VALA2022 Presentation Formats

1. Concurrent Session Presentation

VALA’s valued Peer Review process will apply to those seeking a place in the prestigious Concurrent Sessions program.

Parameters for full paper Submission are:

  • A range of 2,500-4,000 words for the finished paper
  • Freedom for authors to write in their preferred voice
  • Requirement for authors to provide their ORCID
  • VALA-supplied DOIs for all accepted papers

If a Submission is accepted for a Concurrent Session presentation, a full paper is required to be submitted by 13 September 2021, for Peer Review. Authors will have the opportunity to respond to reviewer input, edit and update papers, with final papers completed by 29 November 2021. Peer-Reviewed Papers will be presented at the Conference and will be recorded.

Timeslot:  30-minutes (including Q&A)

2. Critical Conversation

The popular Critical Conversations will return to the program in 2022. In a more intimate meeting space, roundtables of 10 will allow accepted presenters to lead interactive and informal discussions with small groups.  Multiple conversations will be underway at any time, over 30-minute intervals. Each Critical Conversation will be delivered at least twice in an allocated session.

Submissions must include your topic, background notes that provide the context and the argument for why your topic should be included, and what you seek to achieve. For example, you may be in the early stages of a project, or at a crossroads, where peer input and engagement would be valued. Accepted Submissions will be listed in the conference program. A paper is not required.

Timeslot:  30-minutes each roundtable, at least 2 sessions

3. Vendor Presentation

Back by popular demand, VALA2022 will include dedicated space within the Concurrent Program for Vendors who wish to produce a full paper without Peer Review. These will represent the “best of” from the Call for Submissions process as assessed by the Program Committee. If accepted, a full paper is required to be submitted by 13 September 2021. Papers will be presented at the Conference in the nominated session and will be recorded.

NOTE: Vendors are welcome to lodge submissions in either or both the Concurrent Session or Vendor Session format.

Timeslot:  30-minutes (including Q&A)

4. Online Concurrent Session Presentation

Authors have the opportunity to submit an abstract for consideration as an Online Concurrent Presentation. If accepted, the 20 minute pre-recorded video presentation will be available to view on demand on the Online Channel. Selected presenting authors will be invited to participate in a live Q&A and online Chat with delegates at a designated time in the following periods:

  • Tuesday 8 Feb – 11.00am-2.00pm AEDT
  • Wednesday 9 Feb – 11.00am-2.00pm AEDT
  • Thursday 10 Feb -11.00am-2.00pm AEDT

Timeslot:  20-minute pre-recording; selected presenting authors add 10-minute live Q&A

5. E-Poster Presentation

VALA2022 provides a platform for E-Poster presentations, which will be viewable as digital posters on the VALA2022 Online Channel and on the Conference App.  A VALA2022 E-Poster template will be provided to accepted authors. Authors will be required to pre-record a brief presentation (3-5 minutes) of their poster for viewing on the VALA2022 Online Channel.

Timeslot:  3-5-minute pre-recording

6. Online Vendor Presentation

Vendors have the option of lodging a Submission for an Online Vendor Presentation. If successful a 20 minute pre-recorded video presentation will be available on demand on the Online Channel.

Timeslot:  20-minute pre-recording

7. Lightning Talk

The Lightning Talk format makes a welcome appearance at VALA2022 on the Online Channel.  As the name suggests, Lightning Talks will be rapid-fire presentations on a wide range of topics.  They require no papers or slides.  They will be bold and engaging, and the slightly controversial is highly encouraged.

Timeslot:  8-10 minute pre-recording