VALA2022 Onsite Session 15 Bezanson

Cutting the apron strings: where is the support after a system implementation?


Wednesday 15 June 2022, 15:10 – 15:40

Maureen Bezanson
  • Librarian (Systems, Copyright and Repository)
  • Southern Cross University
Margie Pembroke
  • Team Leader (Systems, Copyright and Reposity)
  • Southern Cross University

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Case studies tend to focus on implementations and the experience of putting a system in place with vendor support. What happens once the apron strings are severed? This paper discusses the experiences at Southern Cross University Library working with new and old systems. We will look at a systems lifecycle using the metaphor of child-rearing from infancy, toddler tantrums, the rambunctious teenager, getting kicked out of home, and the prodigal daughter.


Maureen Bezanson (BSc,MLIS, UBC) is a Librarian with Southern Cross University Library’s Systems, Copyright and Repository team. She was integral to the Esploro Institutional Repository rollout at Southern Cross University in 2019 and prides herself on having just enough technological knowledge to break things. Maureen has worked as a Liaison Librarian, dabbled in children’s librarianship, worked in software support and project management.

Margie Pembroke (BALib&InfSci CSU), AALIA is the Team Leader (Systems, Copyright, Repository) at Southern Cross University. She was the project leader for Southern Cross University’s Alma implementation in 2017 and the Esploro implementation in 2020. Southern Cross University participated in the Esploro Early Adopter program. Prior to moving to the systems role, Margie was responsible for copyright and scholarly publications . With over 30 years of experience in libraries, Margie holds a Bachelor of Information Science majoring in IT from Charles Sturt University.

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