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Ben Chadwick

SCIS Resource Type Thesaurus: a linked data vocabulary for inferring Resource Type from MARC records

Wednesday 14 February 2018, 14:45 – 15:15

Ben Chadwick

Education Services Australia

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Resource Type (RT) is a multifaceted concept that is encoded in a range of elements in Machine-Readable Cataloging (MARC) records. However, expressions of RT are often unhelpful to users, and many records are inconsistent in how they represent it. The Schools Catalogue Information Service (SCIS) Resource Type thesaurus (SRT) is a linked data thesaurus defining RT categories, enabling searching, limiting, sorting and faceting by RT in the SCIS online catalogue. Semantic relations within SRT enable mappings to and from the thesaurus in spite of variations across legacy and current MARC records. The purpose, design, and possible applications of SRT are discussed.


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