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Matt Miller

Linked Data Liminality

Wednesday 14 February 2018, 9:00 – 10:15

Matt Miller

Pratt Institute’s School of Information, New York

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Linked Data has been on the metadata horizon for libraries and other cultural heritage institutions for some time. While great progress has been made we are still in the early days of adopting and applying these new methodologies. Though we often think of Linked Data as a universal big data endeavor, being worked on by large entities, some of its most compelling uses are small scale bottom-up projects. For example, using Linked Data to uncover underrepresented individuals and their histories. Or utilizing it as a pedagogical platform to build new skills for current and emerging information professionals. And even thinking of Linked Data as a tool for increasing civic engagement.

We’ll explore projects like these and think broadly how Linked Data can be used in exciting ways. We will also reflect on what we can rethink during this period of transition. Data models, workflows, how we collaborate and more can be looked at with a critical eye. While Linked Data presents significant challenges it also creates important new opportunities for change and growth.


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