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Libraries and the digital humanities: partnership, collaboration and shared agendas

Wednesday 10 February 2016, 10:50 – 11:20
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Toby Burrows

King’s College London, UK

Deb Verhoeven

Deakin University, Vic

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Digital humanities is a rapidly growing global interdisciplinary field, reflected in a proliferation of conferences, events, journals, associations, research centres, grants, and courses. Digital humanities has a high profile because of its collaborative activity in building tools, developing services, carrying out projects, and producing ground-breaking research findings. There is a high level of interest from the library community in the digital humanities. This paper looks at the relationship between libraries and the digital humanities from an Australian perspective. The paper draws on the authors’ involvement within the digital humanities community, and especially their experience with developing HuNI: the Humanities Networked Infrastructure, a major digital infrastructure service for the humanities.


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