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Romney Adams
Romney Adams
Romany Manuell
Romany Manuell

You say you want a revolution: librarians as educational designers

VALA2016 CONCURRENT SESSION 14: IT Outside the Box
Thursday 11 February 2016, 10:50 – 11:20
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Romany Manuell and Romney Adams

Monash University, Vic

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Academic librarians’ educative role has evolved due to changing technological and pedagogical trends, and involvement in educational design can be seen as the latest iteration of this evolution. This paper presents the findings of a single-workplace study exploring the ways in which Monash University librarians have engaged in elements of educational design: the creation of eLearning objects, design of curriculum and assessment, and collaboration with pedagogical experts. In order to situate the survey amongst changing trends, the role of the educational designer and academic librarian in the educative space is investigated through academic literature. Engagement with educational design is then discussed through presentation of survey findings.


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