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Nicole Kearney
Nicole Kearney

In the words of our field naturalists: an adventure in digitisation and transcription

VALA2016 CONCURRENT SESSION 13: Digitisation Adventures
Thursday 11 February 2016, 11:25 – 11:55
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Nicole Kearney and Elycia Wallis

Museum Victoria

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Historic field diaries chronicle the expeditions undertaken over time to explore and discover the natural history of the world. They provide invaluable insights into past species distribution and abundance, as well as the trials and wonders experienced on historic expeditions. However, despite the wealth of information they contain, field diaries are a hugely underutilised resource. This paper will discuss why this is the case and how, with the help of crowd-sourced volunteers, the field diaries in Museum Victoria’s collection are being made more accessible. Cataloguing, digitisation and transcription procedures are detailed, together with how this content is being put online.


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