VALA2008 Session 11 Owen

VALA Peer Reviewed PaperDeakin Library website 2.0: iterative change for maximum gain

Thursday 7 February 2008 11:55 – 12:30
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Sue Owen

Associate Librarian, Client Services, Deakin University Library

Kat Clancy

Web Developer, Deakin University Library

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The purpose of library websites is evolving. Deakin University Library originally undertook to redevelop its website to provide improved access to information, resources and services and to better meet clients in their space. The first phase redeveloped the library homepage and top level link pages. During this time, social networking applications were becoming part of higher education. There were new choices: the Library website and search tools could undergo significant metamorphosis; adopt Web2.0 functionality and move from being the public face of the online library to the public space of its online community, with students and staff as active partners in its development.