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VALA2008 Keynote SpeakerGoing virtual for enhanced library experience: a case study of the National Library of Singapore

Schubert FooVALA 2008 PLENARY 3: Schubert Foo
Wednesday 6 February 2008, 09:00 – 10:15
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Schubert Foo

Vice Dean, SCI, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

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Amidst changing lifestyles, Internet savvy users, and the availability of large amounts of information on the Web, libraries are faced with the main challenge to remain relevant and to continue to develop innovative products and services to serve the needs of users. This paper proposes a number of roles that libraries can play in such a future: as info-concierges; as a network of inter-connected info-concierges; and as a network of true collaborations. Using a case study of the National Library Singapore (NLS), a number of initiatives currently undertaken by the library to move forward in such a direction are outlined. These include the introduction of an SMS reference service, enhanced accessibility of NLS’s content through deliberate availability in users’ search and social networking spaces, and the development and use of a platform that uses the principles of ”wiki” to support the formation and use of a collaborative reference network to support reference enquiries.