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Blithwapping or Number 8 wiring your library learning system

VALA 2004 CONCURRENT SESSION 8: Information Literacy
Wednesday 4 February 2004, 14:35 – 15:05

Andrew Wright

Electronic Access and Information Services Manager, National Information Library Service
NOTE: The National Information Library Service (formerly Royal Victorian Institute for the Blind & Vision Australia Library) is now the Vision Australia Library. See

VALA Peer Reviewed Paper

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How do librarians thrive and flourish in an era when the Virtual Learning Environment is gathering momentum, when digital resources are becoming more widespread and often less centralized? How do librarians remain important when the electronic matrix and the wider organisation is creating uncatalogued and unregistered information? This is a purposely- provocative paper that questions the way librarians conceive of, and use the resources they have available. The author asks that we as librarians rethink traditional design methods for information literacy and other programmes in the Virtual Learning Environment, to make fuller use of the available resource. The Author asks that we as librarians go beyond standard resource management and standard perceptions of the library and role of the librarian.