W#4 Gaining Insights with SQL

Thursday 11 April 2019

Workshop Stream – The Navigator

What is it:¬†Information storage and retrieval is a baseline for libraries, and when it comes to technology, the database is the number one tool for the task. SQL stands for “Structured Query Language” and it’s one way we humans talk to databases. Create, insert, update, select, delete and drop are the magic words you need to know to speak this language fluently. SQL is pronounced as Ess-Queue-Elle, or Sequel. Take your pick as both are commonly used.

In this workshop, Donna and Arjen will introduce you to some basic fundamental principles, and give you a chance to get hands on practice at creating a simple database, and crafting some important and useful queries. We’ll then explore what this means in practice, by examining some popular queries used to create reports in the Koha open source library management system. Save time and impress your boss with what you can find inside your library database.

Who is it for: Anyone who wants to learn how to “Speak” to databases by understanding structured query language. Anyone who wants to better understand how to “write queries” and improve their ability to create reports from databases.

Presenter: Donna Benjamin & Arjen Lentz (Catalyst IT)

Donna Benjamin, Project Lead and Business Analyst at Catalyst IT Australia: Donna facilitates project success at Catalyst IT Australia. She leads and energises teams to do their very best to get the job done. Donna likes to work closely with clients to unlock and understand their real requirements in order to deliver value that makes a difference. Over the years Donna has taken on a range of leadership roles in the Australian Open Source community, sitting on boards and committees and organising events.


Arjen Lentz, Solutions Architect at Catalyst IT Australia: Based in the Brisbane office of Catalyst, Arjen helps clients find effective solutions to meet their requirements. Arjen’s company Open Query, acquired by Catalyst, specialised in building, tuning and supporting databases and related online infrastructure.

Arjen was once employee#25 at MySQL AB, co-authored the MySQL reference manual and O’Reilly’s High Performance MySQL book (2nd ed.), and has taught many training courses and tutorials.


Workshop Requirements

A laptop (or tablet, but having a keyboard will make it easier to participate)
A web browser.
Access to the internet.